There simply aren’t many athletes — in any sport — more precocious than Derrick Rose.

In 2010-11, Rose was awarded the highest of NBA regular season honors, MVP; at just 22 years old and in his third season in the league, he remains the youngest to earn the distinction. Rose’s first three seasons with his hometown Bulls after being selected No. 1 overall in 2008 featured two All-Star berths, a first-team All-NBA nod, some record-shattering playoff moments and that MVP.

Matters, of course, devolved from there. But Chicagoans will always have that 2010-11 campaign, in which Rose averaged 25 points, led the Bulls to the best record in the NBA (a 21-game improvement from the previous season), and swept the freshly-minted Big 3 Miami Heat in the regular season before falling to them swiftly in the Eastern Conference finals. Rose was the only player not named LeBron James from 2009 to 2013 to win MVP.

Simply put, Rose's early-career excellence was without precedent — as was his injury-induced fall from grace. 

So, how did the youngest MVPs in other professional sports fare? In addition to Rose, we identified the youngest MVPs from the WNBA, NFL, NHL and MLB to see how Chicago’s son stacked up.

Youngest MVPs in the NHL, MLB, WNBA, NBA, NFL

NBC Sports Chicago will honor the Bulls great with “Derrick Rose Week presented by Saint Xavier University” starting up Monday, June 8 at 7:00 PM CT with the first of five-straight nights of “Classic” game performances. See full schedule here.


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