As if the Bears did not have enough to deal with when facing the Green Bay Packers at full strength, now they are down in numbers at wide receiver and running back.

New quarterback Josh McCown must navigate this group into the end zone repeatedly to keep the Bears playoff hopes alive. Its not looking good for the Bears to pull off the ultimate Grinch who Stole Christmas by beating the Packers.

Anything can happen, but Chicagos offense must be scaled back even more to have any shot of winning. With the Bears dealing with so many new skill-position players, timing is going to be an issue. Mike Martz must make the game plan likeable and learnable with core plays emphasized. Players must then fight the good fight. They must play for pride, competition and love of the game in the NFLs most storied rivalry.

Door open to get back in

This is this type of opportunity that could give McCown a more permanent door back into the NFL. He must show poise, leadership and compete to gauge whether he is worthy to resurrect his NFL career.

If McCown were to nose dive, Nathan Enderle needs to get a look next week against Minnesota. They both may not even be in a Bears uniform next year if Martz is let go at the end of the season.

Lovie Smith says Martz is staying put, so the Bears may as well see both of them in Martzs offense to evaluate against live game action.