15 on 6: Cutler feeling sore


Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011Posted: 8:23 p.m.

By Jim Miller

The Bears front office better start researching QBs out on the open market because Jay is not going to make it through the entire season. Marc Bulger, who knows Mike Martzs offense well, quickly comes to mind.

No quarterback in the NFL has been sacked or hit more regularly over the past two seasons than Jay Cutler. Fox broadcast the stats during the game action. Jay has been sacked 95 times since 2009. Well, add six more to that total because Jay was smothered six more times today by the Saints. He was hit a 15 times during the game. These were not love taps either; they were body blows like from EAs video game Mike Tysons Punch Out!

If you did not see it, every shot was big and there will be one he doesnt get up. He thought about it today a couple of times but instead made it to the sideline to dog cuss his QB coach Shane Day. Frustration is not the word to describe Jays anger.

Jay knows this is where the rubber meets the road offensively. If you read my pre-Bears Saints game blog, I mentioned the multiple looks defensive coordinator Gregg Williams would show the Bears. Jays offensive line was not ready, equipped, nor knew how to identify them.

The play when Jay was dropped for the sixth time, left guard Chris Williams and left tackle J'Marcus Webb could not even point out their assignment of who to block. Offensive line coach Mike Tices mid-game correction must have been for them to point out their assignment. None of them could do it and Jay pays the price.


Football is a game where you have to have a lot of trust. As a quarterback if you cannot trust your OL to block simple assignments, your play is going to suffer. Jay is trying to fight the good fight, but Martz is going to have to adjust.

Last year's remedy was to run the ball more. It is clearly a good option, but they have to also put the offense in Jays hands. He needs to have the ability to change plays at the line of scrimmage. It is where all other offenses are going in the NFL. But at the minimum have Jay control pointing out the offensive lines responsibilities. Jay is almost going to have to out of self preservation. Or..

Hello, may I speak to Marc please?.......Ah, Marc, this is Jerry Angelo

Jim Miller, an 11-year former NFL quarterback, is a Comcast SportsNet Bears analyst who can be seen each week on U.S. Cellular Bears Postgame Live. Miller, who spent five seasons with the Bears, analyzes current Chicago QB Jay Cutler in his "15 on 6" blog on and can be followed on Twitter @15miller.