Bears' competition for QB Mike Glennon disappearing?

Bears' competition for QB Mike Glennon disappearing?

In the fluid hours leading up to the official opening of the period when teams can begin negotiating contracts with free agents, the way abruptly appeared to be clearing for the Bears in their push for quarterback Mike Glennon, to the point where they might be bidding just against themselves.

The Buffalo Bills, New York Jets and San Francisco 49ers have indicated that they have removed themselves from contract competition for Glennon, an NFL source with information from those organizations told

At the same time, teams are believed to be preparing a run at Brian Hoyer, whose brief time with the Bears appeared to have effectively ended with no sign of a contract in sight.

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Whether teams have soured on Glennon because of preferred alternatives, second thoughts or guesstimates of his eventual cost (between $14 million and $15 million by some accounts), the result might be the same: a price break for the Bears. A question has been why or whether Glennon would be worth a multiple of the expected $4 million to $5 million price for Hoyer. If bidders have gone elsewhere, the Glennon price for the Bears drops significantly below what Glennon has hoped for as part of a chance to secure a starting job.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers general manager Jason Licht told Sirius XM radio last week during the NFL Scouting Combine that Glennon had declined an offer of an extension some time ago. The offer, first reported by the Tampa Bay Times, would have eclipsed the $7 million the Philadelphia Eagles gave Chase Daniel and would have made Glennon the highest-paid NFL backup.

The 49ers have entertained hopes of a trade with Washington for quarterback Kirk Cousins, currently under an exclusive franchise tag, though Cousins had yet to sign the tag as of early Tuesday. The 49ers hold the No. 2-overall pick, one ahead of the Bears in this year's draft.

NFL teams seriously concerned about tech safety for virtual 2020 NFL draft

NFL teams seriously concerned about tech safety for virtual 2020 NFL draft

The NFL Draft is going "fully virtual" this year, which means the Bears won't get to witness the firepower of their fully armed and operational battle station. 

And because the NFL is ultimately a league run by dads, concerns about technology use are HIGH:

The article goes on to quote several people within the organization, including head coach John Harbaugh/your dad:

"It's a big concern," Harbaugh said during the Ravens' pre-draft news conference. "Hopefully we'll be okay. I really wouldn't want the opposing coaches to have our playbook or our draft meetings. That would be preferable, if we can stay away from that."

Everything is awful right now, but the idea of John Harbaugh going Full Dad (never go Full Dad) with his newest draft picks is undeniably less awful than most things. Kenneth Murray's going to have to confirm that it's really him three different ways. Jonathan Taylor's going to get three digits into sending his phone number to the team before Harbaugh sends an all-caps email forcing him to stop. Michael Pittman Jr.'s explanation of TikTok will be pointless. 

NFL front offices have spent decades trying to outsmart and outposition each other, and that's all going to be worthless because they have to log on to the internet on their own. It's going to be great.

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Check out these crazy 2020 NFL Draft prop bets

Check out these crazy 2020 NFL Draft prop bets

The NFL confirmed on Monday that the 2020 NFL Draft will be a completely virtual experience with general managers, scouts and other key personnel conducting the three-day event from their homes. It'll be a big adjustment for a process that inherently relies on group decision-making in a face-to-face environment.

It'll be a new viewing experience for draft fans, too, who've become accustomed to top prospects strutting across the main stage donning their new teams' hats and bro-hugging Roger Goodell. The emotion of the moment will be diminished, but it doesn't mean it won't be fun for viewers who want to up the ante for what amounts to the biggest fantasy football draft in the country.

The virtual NFL draft has spawned a new collection of prop bets in Las Vegas, and they're absolutely epic. Check it out:

Who will No. 1 overall pick hug first?

Mom 5/4
Dad 5/2
Girlfriend 3/1
Friend 7/1
Sibling 7/1

Highest number of people in the same room

Over/Under 9½

Total dogs showed during the first round

Over/Under 3½

Total cats showed during the first round

Over/Under ½

Will any draftee experience local technical difficulties?

Yes -300 (1/3)
No +200 (2/1)

Will any first-round draftee put on the wrong team hat?

Yes +300 (3/1)
No -500 (1/5)

Will any draftee be shown drinking beer?

Yes +700 (7/1)
No -2000 (1/20)

Will any draftee pop champagne?

Yes +600 (6/1)
No -1700 (1/17)

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