Bears lose another 'Fab Five' member with Martellus Bennett issues


Bears lose another 'Fab Five' member with Martellus Bennett issues

The Bears moving Martellus Bennett to injured reserve this week with a rib injury was a step with some obvious potential implications, both short-term and long-term.

The short term takes a hit by removing a vital member of the Bears’ offense, which has played this season almost entirely without the benefit of their No. 1 unit intact.

The long term projects to include a Bennett exit from Chicago, whether by outright release or by trade, although teams rarely offer much for a player expected to be ousted by his team.

The latter also would deprive the Bears of a shot at what Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin termed a potential “Fab Five” in Irvin’s notion of what the Bears could become offensively.

“There is no one more gifted at their positions than Jay Cutler, and also Martellus Bennett,” Irvin told during that 2014 training camp. “If they get the cerebral part of the game to go with their physical gifts, there’s no telling...

“I see an incredible opportunity here. In Dallas, we lived with what everybody called ‘The Triplets,’ Troy [Aikman], Emmitt [Smith] and me...But what I saw [in Chicago] was what I called the ‘Fantastic Four’ with Jay Cutler, Brandon Marshall, Alshon Jeffery and Matt Forte. The question is whether they’re going to become that ‘Fabulous Five,’ a new ‘Fab Five.’

“Martellus is that key.”

Or maybe now, “was.”

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Marshall was excused to the New York Jets last offseason but Irvin was mightily impressed by Kevin White. The Bears, however, don’t have someone in the developmental pipeline behind Bennett.

Bennett's time over the past two years has been bumpy. He was suspended during the 2014 training camp after a fighting incident with then-rookie cornerback Kyle Fuller. Sources said the open-ended suspension was due not to the incident itself, but rather to Bennett’s behavior with team officials. He was basically suspended until he both apologized for the body slam of Fuller and his conduct afterwards.

That situation was forgotten as Bennett played his way into a Pro Bowl with a career year of 90 catches. But then the offseason came with Bennett choosing to stay away from voluntary work with the team even as it was installing a new system under new coaches. Bennett’s unhappiness at not receiving a new contract festered, leading to complaints about his role while Miller earned increasing snaps and targets.

The Way We Hear It: Khalil Mack will probably play after all

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The Way We Hear It: Khalil Mack will probably play after all

The Bears are back in Chicago and Tom Brady and the Patriots are in town! With a week of practice wrapping up today, here's what's been happening in the lead up to Sunday's Bears-Pats matchup: 

Adam Schefter: Bears plan on Khalil Mack playing vs. Patriots


Adam Schefter: Bears plan on Khalil Mack playing vs. Patriots

Khalil Mack has yet to miss a game in his NFL career. He doesn’t plan on breaking that streak on Sunday.

ESPN insider Adam Schefter told the “Kirk and Callahan show” on WEEI in Boston that the Bears expect their star pass rusher to play this week against the New England Patriots.

Mack missed practice on Wednesday and Thursday with the ankle injury he suffered last week against the Miami Dolphins.

Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio indicated this week that the outside linebacker could potentially play even if he doesn’t practice due to the injury.

Assuming Mack does take the field on Sunday, he won’t be 100 percent, and it’s unclear how much of an impact he’ll be able to have.

Last week was his least productive game of the season, and he earned a career-low grade from Pro Football Focus, with two missed tackles and only one pressure generated on 33 pass-rushing snaps.

The Bears are going to need more from Mack to slow down Tom Brady and the Patriots offense that’s averaging nearly 40 points per game over the last three weeks.