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INDIANAPOLIS – The Bears may be close to being shut out of their No. 1 quarterback target this offseason: Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins. 
Cousins and Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo are the central figures in a reported three-team deal being discussed, one that does not include the Bears at this point.
Under the proposed deal, first reported by Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Washington would send Cousins to the 49ers, longtime Dallas fixture Tony Romo would move up to Washington, and the 49ers would send the No. 2-overall pick to the Cowboys.
Cousins had been the Bears' best-case scenario going into the offseason and before Washington placed the exclusive-rights franchise tag on Cousins for the second straight season. But while the Bears are unwilling to give up the No. 3-overall pick for New England's relatively unproven Jimmy Garoppolo, Barrington-native Cousins has gone from an insurance pick behind Robert Griffin III in the 2012 draft to a playoff quarterback with more than 9,000 passing yards and 54 touchdown passes over the past two seasons.
The kind of proven production presumably worth a No. 3 draft pick. The Bears, however, don't appear to be in the proposed-trade mix, which would reunite Cousins with his former Washington offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, hired last month as 49ers head coach.
Washington's use of the exclusive tag meant that only the Redskins have the rights to negotiate a contract with Cousins. Chief negotiator Eric Schaffer met with Cousins agent Mike McCartney Wednesday night in Indianapolis, ESPN reported this week, but sources confirmed that negotiations have not moved far beyond $20 million per year over five, with less guaranteed money that the Cousins camp is seeking.
A trade scenario that would have Romo going to NFC East rival Washington is ostensibly problematic, although the Redskins set something of a precedent there by trading to acquire Donovan McNabb from Philadelphia in his next-to-last season.