'Cutty Come Back' soothes QB withdrawal


'Cutty Come Back' soothes QB withdrawal

Feeling blue and missing your injured quarterback Bears fans?

Well there is no sense in wallowing in your own sadness, especially now that you can soothe your pain with the soulful sound of the new hit parody song "Cutty Come Back".

The track, written by Chicagoan Magic Uno and produced by Chad in Portland, has taken Chicago by storm with its spot-on lyrical substitution of the 1977 Billboard 1 song "Baby Come Back" by Player.

Some of the most creative lines include:

"You can blame it all on the team
Knox fell down, now the offense can't work without you..."

And maybe my personal favorite:

"Do you think you can throw left-handed?
Desperate as can be. Now we're down to Enderle..."

Impressive job writing this spoof-tastic musical gem in such a short amount of time from an obviously distraught Bears fan (@magic_uno a.k.a. Jesus) in Chicago. Equally amazing is the production value by @chadinPortland. You can tell how emotional Jesus had to be because the words just spill out line after line in what seems more like a cry for help than a tribute to a fallen hero.

It's funny how less than a year ago many Bears fans were questioning the quarterback's toughness and now they can't help but sing-along to "Cutty Come Back".

Check out the video below and see if it soothes you.

So what do you think of the song BearsTalkers? Tell us your favorite line by commenting on this post.

Under Center Podcast: How long will Mitch Trubisky be a work in progress?


Under Center Podcast: How long will Mitch Trubisky be a work in progress?

JJ Stankevitz and John “Moon” Mullin wonder how long the Bears will have to deal with growing pains from their starting quarterback, and also look at how this team can still win games even with uneven quarterback play. Plus: Just how bad are the Arizona Cardinals? (Really bad.)  

Listen to the full episode here or via the embedded player below:


Injury report: Bears remarkably healthy after two weeks of 2018 season


Injury report: Bears remarkably healthy after two weeks of 2018 season

The injury bug that infested Halas Hall over the last few years seems to have left with John Fox.

The Bears are entering the third week of the 2018 regular season, and their injury report continues to be light. No significant contributors other than Adam Shaheen have been sidelined so far, and as they prepare for the Arizona Cardinals, they’re almost full-go at practice.

Safety DeAndre Houston-Carson was limited at practice on Wednesday, and everyone else on the 53-man roster was a full participant.

Houston-Carson has not played after breaking his forearm in the preseason, but his return to practice on a limited basis indicates he could be back sooner rather than later.

Running back Tarik Cohen tweaked his ankle on Monday night against the Seattle Seahawks, but evidently he didn’t have any lingering issues to affect his ability to practice.

Right guard Kyle Long was also in the injury report last week for ankle issues, but it’s encouraging for the offensive line that he was able to participate fully again this week.

For a team marred by injuries in recent seasons, Chicago should feel very fortunate with how healthy they’ve been so far this year. It’s supposed to only get worse as the season rolls on, but the training staff deserves a lot of credit for a durable start.