For having such a calm demeanor, Jay Cutler sure was polarizing in the city of Chicago. 

One extreme or the other, Bears fans always felt some type of way about No. 6, and, immediately after the team parted ways with him, diehards flocked to social media to give their two cents. 

Most reaction to the Cutler departure conflated relief and hope, but a few supporters were sad to see Cutty on his way out of town. 

During the quarterback's eight-year tenure at Soldier Field, he put up a perfectly mediocre 51-51 record. His performances, though, fluctuated greatly. Some good years, some bad years, but never consistency from year-to-year or even game-to-game. Despite his volatility, Cutler left his name in the Bears' record book, leaving as the all-time leader in touchdowns (154), yards (23,443) and passer rating (85.2). 

Watch the video above to see some of the best fan reactions.