In one of the least surprising headlines surrounding the 1985 Bears, former Super Bowl-winning quarterback Jim McMahon is smoking a lot of weed these days.

But don't worry, it's all on the up and up.

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McMahon - one of the largest personalities in Bears history - has been suffering from a lot of health issues since he retired from football, including pain, depression, memory loss, early onset dementia and issues with his vision and speech associated with concussions he suffered during his playing days.

McMahon has found temporary relief nowadays in the form of medical marijuana.

He also has been receiving chiropractic neck treatments to help relieve pressure and improves the flow of spinal fluid.

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McMahon said he uses medical marijuana every single day and it's been a "godsend" and "getting him through the day." He also said he feels even better now with marijuana than he did taking as many as 100 Percocent pills per month.

Check out the entire Chicago Tribune article, including the video in which McMahon explains how medical marijuana helps him.