Gould: No formal protest over field conditions


Gould: No formal protest over field conditions

Thursday, Dec. 16, 2010
1:10 PM

By John Mullin

Think the players, including the Minnesota Vikings themselves, want this game in Minneapolis at all costs? Punter Chris Kluwe on his Twitter @ChrisWarcraft posted Early reports are a 2 layer of ice underneath the snow on the field at TCF. With no heating coils, expect a hockey game.

Kicker Robbie Gould, the Bears player rep in the absence of injured linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer, will change his practice routine this week.

I think Ill go down to the UC United Center and see if I can borrow Blackhawks star Patrick Kanes skates, Gould joked, sort of. But who knows; I may have to bring them up to Minnesota Monday night.

They wont get a vote in whether Mondays game is played in TCF Bank Field or in some other city. But if the players were asked, the decision would border on unanimous:

No good can come from trying to stage this game on the University of Minnesotas field, whether the army of volunteers or anything else gets the snow removed and all the other preparations completed.

Forget the romantic frozen tundra stuff

Gould said that, contrary to some reports out of Minneapolis, there has been no formal protest over playing in the outdoor stadium nor is one expected. The Players Association, however, has been in contact with the NFL and the message is clear:

Its take a careful look, Gould said. Players dont want to play on a facility thats frozen. Obviously those conditions are going to create more risk of injury and obviously players dont want to be put in that sort of situation, given that theres been so many fines for head-to-head tackles.

Plus, think about it: Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers got a concussion in Detroit, in a dome, and thats the softest of dome facilities. You go outdoors to a frozen field and the risk of injury is going to be a lot greater.

Jay Cutler was pointed in comments declaring Soldier Field a disaster last week. He was even more critical of what may lie in store in Minneapolis.

Thats kind of the buzz in the locker room and the concern with the guys, Cutler said. We dont really care where we play but that TCF Bank field isnt heated. And they can heat it up all they want but then were going to be out there for three hours in zero-degree weather so its definitely going to be a hard surface...

We dont get a choice in this. If they say play in a parking lot, were going to show up and play in a parking lot... Thats why the guys are really concerned about that, more so than where we play. We dont want to go out there and play on a concrete-type surface.

The number of concussions being reported this season is up more than 20 percent and playing on what Kluwe is describing as a virtual ice rink means heads hitting very hard ground. Defensive end Jared Allen isnt sure what thatll mean to his own battered head.

Aww, Im just a dumb lineman, I just show up there and hit my head anyways, Allen said.

Wherever they tell us to play. Heck, we could play here at Winter Park Vikings headquarters if you could get the fans in here.

St. Louis? Atlanta? Detroit again?

A decision on TCF Bank Field and the Metrodome was initially expected Tuesday. Then it was Wednesday. Then Thursday.

Gould said that a decision would be reached in a timely manner.

Whats a timely manner to the NFL? Who knows, Gould said. I think the timely manner is just making sure that everyone is safe and making sure the playing surface for every athlete is going to be safe.

Because theres no reason to put guys at risk when theres plenty of facilities, 32 teams, to play, especially when half of those teams are going to be away anyway.

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Here's where Allen Robinson ranks on list of 2021 NFL free agents

Here's where Allen Robinson ranks on list of 2021 NFL free agents

Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson still doesn't have his contract extension. The COVID-19 pandemic is an obvious explanation for the delay in re-signing Chicago's most important offensive weapon to a multi-year deal, but as the calendar inches closer to the start of the 2020 regular season, the odds of inking A-Rob to a new contract get worse.

At some point, Robinson might decide it's better to play out the final year of his contract and improve his open-market value in 2021. The addition of Nick Foles should be a boon to Robinson's production, assuming he takes the field at some point this season. Robinson had nearly 100 catches and more than 1,100 yards catching passes from a devolved Mitch Trubisky and duck-and-chuck backup, Chase Daniel. Just imagine the kind of numbers Robinson would put up with steady quarterback play.

And with more production comes more cash.

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The Bears have to be very careful with their handling of Robinson. If they allow him to hit the open market, he won't be back. Teams will line up for his services and the bidding will get out of control. In fact, Robinson would command a contract that would put him at or near the top of the wide receiver market.

And this isn't just a Bears-biased opinion of Robinson. He's already regarded as one of the top players scheduled to hit free agency next winter, according to

7. Allen Robinson 

Robinson, who turns 27 later this month, would be known as one of the 10 best receivers in football if he played with better quarterbacks.

Ryan Pace has proven during his tenure in Chicago that he isn't afraid to pay his own players. He already did it this offseason with Eddie Jackson when he signed the Pro Bowl safety to a four-year, $58.4 million deal.

It isn't time to panic yet. Pace tends to take his time with these transactions and is infamous for getting big-money extensions signed by his guys on the eve of the regular season. Maybe Robinson will be the next guy in line.

He better be.



NFL Mock Draft 2021: Todd McShay has Bears taking a quarterback

NFL Mock Draft 2021: Todd McShay has Bears taking a quarterback

ESPN NFL Draft analyst Todd McShay published his first mock draft of the 2021 NFL draft cycle on Wednesday, which is exactly what all football fans need after the Big 10 and Pac 12 conferences announced they're delaying football until the spring. The remaining Power 5 conferences could follow suit in the coming days. Draft season is already here, folks.

McShay's mock draft was a mix of chalk and surprises. Trevor Lawrence (QB, Clemson) was the first pick to the Jaguars, which almost every draft analyst assumes is a lock at this point. Lawrence is a franchise-changing quarterback prospect and whoever owns the first overall pick is going to take him. You can safely move on to the second pick, which is where McShay's first major curveball came.

At No. 2 overall, McShay has the Washington Football Team selecting Alabama cornerback Patrick Surtain II. 

Surtain is a surefire first-round pick but it isn't a slamdunk that he's the top cornerback in this year's draft class, let alone a top-five player overall. Instead, that distinction should go to Oregon offensive tackle Penei Sewell and Ohio State quarterback Justin Fields, who McShay has off the board at the third and fourth overall picks to the Bengals and Panthers respectively.

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As for the Bears, McShay is one of many who are buying into the quarterback narrative. Chicago is expected to be one of the teams on the shortlist of clubs targeting a passer in Round 1 next April (assuming the draft is in April). In this mock, McShay sends the Bears Trey Lance, the North Dakota State star who enjoyed a 41-touchdown, zero-turnover season as a passer and runner in 2019.

"Lance is big, athletic and tough, and he absolutely dominated the FCS last season," McShay wrote of the Bears' pick at No. 14 overall. "He threw zero interceptions on nearly 300 pass attempts in 2019 and offered dual-threat production, rushing for 50-plus yards in nine of his 16 games. The Bears need a guy they can build around, and they can't afford to whiff this time around.

"Chicago's thoughts on Mitchell Trubisky were made clear when it didn't give him his fifth-year option and signed a soon-to-be 32-year-old Foles who is coming off an injury-plagued, poor 2019 season. Lance is a third-year sophomore with some questions still to be answered -- including whether he'd want to declare for the draft at all -- but the Bears would love to get this talented signal-caller in the middle of the first round based on his ceiling."

Lance will be a fascinating player to monitor over the next few months. He, unlike some of the other top prospects from bigger programs, needs another season of tape to solidify his grade as an early first-round pick. It doesn't look like he's going to get it.

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Lance is making a jump from a lower level of competition at the game's most complex position. He only has 288 pass attempts on his collegiate resume. Compare that to Trubisky, who entered the NFL with 386 college pass attempts and was considered inexperienced and raw during the 2017 draft cycle.

Can Ryan Pace (or whoever is the Bears' general manager during the 2021 draft)  roll the dice on another quarterback who has just one season as a starter? It seems like an easy answer (which is 'No' in case you're wondering). 

Buckle up. It's going to be an extremely long draft season with dozens and dozens of mock drafts between now and April. Players like Lance will move up and down the first round, and pundits will cycle through names for the Bears' first-rounder like Chicago's gone through kickers in recent years.