Mike Glennon had a fair chance to hang on to his job as starting quarterback for the Bears. If he plays better in his four regular season — and three preseason — games and doesn’t turn the ball over as much as he did, he’d be the one preparing for the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football.

But that’s not how things played out. Mitchell Trubisky will be the Bears’ starter, and Glennon — the highest-paid player on the team — will fade into a backup role. It’s not the job he envisioned when he signed with the Bears back in March, but he’s not running from it, either.

“I think you always try to have perspective on things,” Glennon said. “Obviously not what I wanted, not what I had hoped for, not what I envisioned. But you look around the country, the world, and you see what’s going on, and that kind of brings perspective back into things. I think I always try to (have) that perspective on just the grand scheme of life, even in disappointing times.”

Added Glennon: “I’ll embrace the role I have right now.”

Credit Glennon for keeping that perspective in the face of what, on the surface, seemed like a potentially untenable situation. It was only a few months ago that Glennon repeated some version of “this is my year” over and over while meeting with the media for the first time since Trubisky was drafted. It’s been about a month since he was named a 2017 captain by his teammates. He looked at this season as his chance to solidify himself as an NFL starting quarterback. That opportunity’s now gone after four games.


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But while Glennon understands why he was benched — “didn’t protect the ball,” he said — he didn’t sound like someone ready to give up on the Bears.

“Obviously, not what I wanted, not what I hoped for, but I still have a big role on this team,” Glennon said. “I’m still a captain of this football team. I’m going to handle it like a pro.”