'The icing's already on the cake'


'The icing's already on the cake'

The damn cake was already in the oven. It was just a matter of when it came out. All Jon had to do was put the icing on it.

This was the quote former Tampa Buccaneers All-Pro defensive tackle Warren Sapp stated when his team won Super Bowl XXXVII in 2002.

Jon Gruden arrived as Tampa Bays new head coach after Tony Dungy was given his walking papers after years of stagnant offenses. The Buccaneers went on to become Super Bowl Champions with Gruden tinkering, while injecting life into an underwhelming unproductive offensive group led by veteran quarterback cast off Brad Johnson.

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One could make a great case for Gruden becoming the next head coach of the Chicago Bears. The team has the same exact Tampa 2 defense is in place with some great players, as what Dungy had built in Tampa. Bears defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli is already on staff and was Grudens defensive line coach with Monte Kiffen serving as defensive coordinator. Also note that Monte is available, as he just stepped down working as the defensive coordinator at University of Southern California.

Furthermore, Gruden has historically worked with veteran quarterbacks and could be magical with Jay Cutler. The two are along the same lines of intensity and would enjoy working the Xs and Os of football together, along with competing every Sunday.

This type of move keeps the defense intact along with some of the current coaches on staff in Chicago. There really is no reason to fire special-teams coordinator Dave Toub, Marinelli, or even quarterback coach Jeremy Bates, who was also with Gruden in Tampa.

He also has a history with the Green Bay Packers when he was cutting his teeth coming up the coaching ranks. In my experiences with Gruden, he is a football historian who loves and respects rivalries. He would also provide a dig back at Green Bay when one of their own would return to Lambeau, only to defeat the Packers as a Chicago Bear. Having Gruden as the leader in the clubhouse as the next head coach for the Chicago Bears could prove successful.

Bears, Mitch Trubisky trolled after Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs agree to deal

Bears, Mitch Trubisky trolled after Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs agree to deal

Sometimes the best way to get yourself through a tough time is to laugh it off. They say laughter is the best medicine after all.

So when Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs reportedly agreed to a record-breaking contract extension, it's no surprise that many people took to Twitter to clown the Bears.

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Warning: do not scroll further unless you have the ability to laugh at a sad situation.

After all of that, this may be how all Bears fans feel on Twitter:

Ok, now that we’re through with the put downs, how about a little highlight to help the healing:

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Patrick Mahomes' unprecedented rise to NFL stardom can be explained quite simply

Patrick Mahomes' unprecedented rise to NFL stardom can be explained quite simply

Pat Mahomes officially woke up on Tuesday as the highest paid athlete in pro sports history. 

It's especially impressive to think about considering that Mahomes didn't even start a full season until 2018. In just two years since he's been able to win a Super Bowl, league MVP, and secure close to $500 million. How did this all happen so quickly? Mahomes' agent Leigh Steinberg – who presumably set his own field's commission record on Monday, too – sat down with the Under Center Podcast back during Super Bowl media week to talk about it: 

I think so much of it was growing up with a baseball player as a father, and watching the nature of ephemeral fame and how it comes and goes. It's all about being grounded, and in this moment, and not thinking about anything except focusing on this. But also having some fun with it. We're here on Radio Row, and happens is that you have so much coverage of the Super Bowl, that if a player performs dramaticlly, they cross over out of the narrow genre of hardcore sports fans. They become an American icon.

Steinberg also (briefly) discusses Mahomes' contract negotiations and how much the Chiefs' QB benefited from sitting behind Alex Smith for a year in 2017. You can listen to the entire conversation with Laurence Holmes right here, or in the embedded player below: