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In the wake of the Bears’ disaster in Tampa some finger-pointing — real or imaginary — began, with more than a little of it directed at Jay Cutler. Teammates had “given up” on Cutler, according to one report, and he was “unprepared,” according to another.

Cutler, as well as offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains, who is Cutler’s immediate boss and in charge of the game plans Cutler is tasked with executing, weren’t having any of it, either the team quitting on Cutler or Cutler not carrying his quarterback’s share.

“The game before it [Minnesota] was the opposite end of the spectrum,” Cutler said. “Whenever you lose we all know what this position entails and when you do have a performance like that as a quarterback, you're going to get some of that stuff. I don't feel like the locker room has ever… I've never felt like that in the locker room with those guys.”

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Cutler did not talk about the situation with coach John Fox and neither, speaking on different occasions, assigned any credence or weight to the barbs. Consider the source, was the theme.

“’Unnamed source,’ I'm guessing?” Cutler said (it was). “The source could be a lot of people. It could be a made-up source. It could actually be guys in [the locker room]. If people actually start putting their names on it, we can have a discussion about it.”


That won’t happen. And Loggains stood by his quarterback’s work leading up to the Tampa Bay game, if not by his work during it.

“I didn’t see [any lack of] preparation,” Loggains said. “But obviously, the way we played, I don’t think any of us were prepared. We need to do a better job coaching. We need to do a better job of executing plays.”