Leonard Floyd's scary concussions changed the way he thought about everything

Leonard Floyd's scary concussions changed the way he thought about everything

He’s feeling fine now, but it took Leonard Floyd about two months before he felt like himself again after suffering his second concussion last season. 

It wasn’t until February that Floyd was back to normal, serving as a scary lesson in how concussions can have long-lasting effects. 

“You just don't feel normal,” Floyd said. “You know it's this thinking part, like you don't think the same. I wasn't thinking like I normally would think and then I'd be staring off in space some times instead of paying attention.”

“… It gradually got better. Day by day I was able to focus more and my mind wasn't all racing everywhere and I was able to lock in on things.”

Floyd, though, wasn’t worried about his recovery from those two concussions, which he suffered about a month apart in November and December. Once he got his first good workout in sometime during February, he felt he cleared the biggest hurdle necessary to getting back to normal. 

One of Floyd’s focuses during OTAs and veteran minicamp has been working on preventing another concussion, which he feels can happen if he can teach himself how to tackle without leaving the crown of his helmet too low. He and defensive coordinator Vic Fangio have been working with tackling dummies and sled machines to tweak the Georgia product’s tackling form to put him in the best position to avoid another concussion. 

“I definitely gotta be aware, because I don’t wanna get another concussion and sit out games,” Floyd said. “I gotta make sure I play every game.”

Mitch Trubisky jersey sales trending in right direction

Mitch Trubisky jersey sales trending in right direction

Positive press about the Chicago Bears' offseason is having a strong impact on the jersey sales for the team's highest-profile player, Mitch Trubisky.

According to Dick's Sporting Goods, Trubisky's No. 10 is the fifth-most popular jersey among offensive players over the last 30 days. He's No. 6 among all players, regardless of position.

The Bears' offseason has been full of superlatives since their aggressive approach to free agency. The signings of Allen Robinson, Trey Burton and Taylor Gabriel put the spotlight on Trubisky and the potentially surging passing game. The second-round selection of Anthony Miller and word of Kevin White's offseason emergence has turned positive momentum into higher-than-anticipated expectations for Trubisky this season.

For Chicago to have any chance at meeting those expectations, Trubisky, who's entering his first full season as a starter with a new head coach and offensive system, has to thrive. Fans must be confident that he will, considering the investment they're making in his jersey.

Trubisky ended his rookie season with four wins in 12 starts, throwing for 2,193 yards with seven touchdowns and seven interceptions. He completed 59.4 percent of his passes. He should have a much more productive season in 2018 with his new arsenal of skill players and an innovative coaching staff, led by coach Matt Nagy and offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich.

These four Bears will be featured on 'Meet the Rookies' series

These four Bears will be featured on 'Meet the Rookies' series

The Chicago Bears will kick off the fourth season of "Meet the Rookies" on June 25, a series that profiles four of the team's 2018 draft picks for a behind-the-scenes look at their journey to the NFL.

The four-episode series will air on at 7:00 p.m from June 25 - 28 and will feature one rookie per night. 

Monday's episode will cover the Bears' first-round pick, Roquan Smith. Selected with the eighth-overall pick, Smith is expected to become an instant-impact player on defense. He's expected to make an impact off the field, too, as a high-character leader. Smith's linebacker-mate Joel Iyiegbuniwe is the focus of Tuesday's episode, with Anthony Miller (Wednesday) and James Daniels (Thursday) rounding out Season 4.

For a deeper dive into what's in store in "Meet the Rookies," check out this description.