McClellin starts his NFL career with a chip on his shoulder


McClellin starts his NFL career with a chip on his shoulder

Its important to have an attitude if youre going to play in the NFL, even more so perhaps if youre supposed to beat offensive tackles and take down quarterbacks.

Shea McClellin will have an attitude, starting with the chip on his shoulder.

His selection at No. 19 already has been questioned, whether because of his size (6-3, 260), the level of competition he faced at Boise State, his production (16.5 sacks over the past two seasons). Pro Football Weekly's Draft Preview rated him only as No. 12 -- among outside linebackers.

Fine with McClellin. It isnt the first time hes faced raised eyebrows.

To all the doubters, Im just going to have to prove myself, McClellin said Friday. Im used to that. I came from Boise State; we had to prove ourselves every week. Thats what Im going to have to do every day.

It definitely puts a chip on my shoulder. Im used to it.

Alex Brown never forgot that teams left him on the draft board until the fourth round. Adewale Ogunleye went undrafted and it fueled him.

McClellin isnt having any of it, particularly if the doubts are aimed at his alma mater.

I think a lot of the teams Boise State played were highly underrated, McClellin said. Even though we come from a small conference, theres good players on the teams.

Just look at us. We have eight or nine guys who could get drafted this year running back Doug Martin went No. 31 to Tampa Bay. We play against good competition.

Sports Talk Live Podcast: Will Bears retain NFC North lead come Bears-Vikings matchup?


Sports Talk Live Podcast: Will Bears retain NFC North lead come Bears-Vikings matchup?

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19:00- Jimmy Butler is a 76er. Will he bring down that locker room as well?

23:00- Lauri Markkanen suffers a setback while Zach LaVine says he’s tired. After another loss, is it time for the Bulls to set their sights on the top of the NBA Draft lottery?

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Jimmy Fallon roasts Cody Parkey's 4-boink performance

USA Today

Jimmy Fallon roasts Cody Parkey's 4-boink performance

Cody Parkey's had a rough week. Let's run it back: 

1. Boinked his first kick on Sunday
2. Boinked his second kick on Sunday
3. Boinked his third kick on Sunday
4. Boinked his fourth kick on Sunday
5. Got exposed for not practicing at Soldier Field
6. Was kind of defended but not really by his head coach 

You'll note that it's only Tuesday still. 

And now, Parkey's getting made fun of on late night television. Word of his horrendous Sunday reached Jimmy Fallon's desk, who found a place for Parkey in his monologue: 

The Parkey part starts at roughly the 6-minute mark. 

If you boink four conesecutive kicks, you can't really be mad when you're the butt of a joke or two. With that said - you've had better punchlines, Jimmy. (We’re on a first name basis it’s fine)

He was right about how impressive it was, though.