Mike Glennon settling in on and off the field in Chicago

Mike Glennon settling in on and off the field in Chicago

Mike Glennon estimated it's been a decade since he last played baseball, and he only recently picked up a mitt to make sure he didn't throw an embarrassing ceremonial first pitch before Friday's Cubs game at Wrigley Field. 

Whatever preparations Glennon did paid off, even if he did lob his throw a little high to Cubs reliever Justin Grimm. But at least the Bears quarterback didn't bounce it. 

Glennon's trip to a festive Wrigley Field this week to throw out the first pitch and sing "Take Me Out To The Ballgame" during the seventh inning stretch was part of the 27-year-old's ongoing introduction to Chicago. He and his wife recently found a place to live in the area and will be moving in soon, and on Tuesday, Glennon and the Bears will report for their offseason workout program. 

"It's been a month, it feels like it's taken a while to finally get started," Glennon, wearing a No. 8 Cubs home jersey with his name on the back, said. "So I'm just looking forward to really being part of the team and getting to do some football stuff. It'll be great." 

Glennon already acquainted himself with a handful of his teammates, recently throwing some basic routes at Deerfield High School to the likes of Cameron Meredith and Markus Wheaton over a four-day stretch. He took a few fellow Bears to a Bulls game at the United Center, too, in late March. Those informal throwing/hangout sessions should help him ease into football activities next week. 

"The introductions are over with," Glennon said. "I know them all, I know them a little personally, and just a little bit of chemistry. It's not a whole lot but at least we got familiar with each other a bit on the field as well."

Glennon will have a handful of new teammates to meet in two weeks when the Bears make their selections in the NFL Draft. The expectation is that the Bears will take a quarterback at some point during the three-day, seven-round event in Philadelphia, though it doesn't appear they're targeting that position with the third overall pick. 

So Glennon will consume this year's draft with a more laid-back approach, which wasn't the case two years ago. That was when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers effectively made him a backup by drafting Jameis Winston first overall. 

"I'm sure I'll watch as a casual fan just like everyone else just to see who we take, but that's not really a concern of mine right now," Glennon said. "I'm just focused on getting started." 

Glennon's first step next week will be to dive into the Bears' playbook, which he has yet to see. He'll get a chance to work with offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains, too, along with the rest of the coaching staff and offense. This offseason program is something Glennon has been eager for ever since he signed his three-year, $45 million contract in March. 

"It's been kind of a lot going on in a month, but it's exciting stuff," Glennon said. ‘It's what I've been working for and now, finally, I get to get it started."

Bears, Mitch Trubisky trolled after Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs agree to deal

Bears, Mitch Trubisky trolled after Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs agree to deal

Sometimes the best way to get yourself through a tough time is to laugh it off. They say laughter is the best medicine after all.

So when Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs reportedly agreed to a record-breaking contract extension, it's no surprise that many people took to Twitter to clown the Bears.

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Warning: do not scroll further unless you have the ability to laugh at a sad situation.

After all of that, this may be how all Bears fans feel on Twitter:

Ok, now that we’re through with the put downs, how about a little highlight to help the healing:

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Patrick Mahomes' unprecedented rise to NFL stardom can be explained quite simply

Patrick Mahomes' unprecedented rise to NFL stardom can be explained quite simply

Pat Mahomes officially woke up on Tuesday as the highest paid athlete in pro sports history. 

It's especially impressive to think about considering that Mahomes didn't even start a full season until 2018. In just two years since he's been able to win a Super Bowl, league MVP, and secure close to $500 million. How did this all happen so quickly? Mahomes' agent Leigh Steinberg – who presumably set his own field's commission record on Monday, too – sat down with the Under Center Podcast back during Super Bowl media week to talk about it: 

I think so much of it was growing up with a baseball player as a father, and watching the nature of ephemeral fame and how it comes and goes. It's all about being grounded, and in this moment, and not thinking about anything except focusing on this. But also having some fun with it. We're here on Radio Row, and happens is that you have so much coverage of the Super Bowl, that if a player performs dramaticlly, they cross over out of the narrow genre of hardcore sports fans. They become an American icon.

Steinberg also (briefly) discusses Mahomes' contract negotiations and how much the Chiefs' QB benefited from sitting behind Alex Smith for a year in 2017. You can listen to the entire conversation with Laurence Holmes right here, or in the embedded player below: