Miller: Kelly, Saban among possible Bears candidates


Miller: Kelly, Saban among possible Bears candidates

It's been just hours since the Bears announced Lovie Smith's firing and already talks are circulating about who would be a good replacement as the team's new head coach.

Comcast SportsNet Bears analyst Jim Miller joined David Kaplan on Monday to discuss the team's decision to let Smith go and break down a list of possible candidates for the job.

"I think how they fared in the playoffs would have been a difference-maker for Bears GM Phil Emery. It's tough to fire a coach who's 10-6, but if he drives and makes a big push in the playoffs, you think it would have benefited Lovie Smith's chances to remain as head coach," Miller explained.

Now, whether the remaining coaching staff stays with the team is up in the air as well.

"Normally when you bring in a new head coach, they're going to bring in their guys," Miller said. "They may interview guys who are currently on staff and they could potentially retain them. But nine times out of 10, they're bringing in their own group of guys and their assistant coaches, and pretty much everyone goes.

"I think you're going to see major sweeping changes."

And there are plenty of names to go around that will begin those changes.

"A lot of people are talking about Rick Dennison, who was a former offensive coordinator out in Denver. Jay Cutler has a relationship with him. Jon Gruden, there's a coach that, say for instance, if the Bears were to hire him, he's got a past with Bears defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli and could retain him.

"Bill O'Brien, who I think is really getting a lot of notice in NFL circles with his work at Penn State, is also a possible candidate.

"And I'd keep an eye on the two national championship coaches," Miller added. "Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly is a guy of interest because his offense travels well, doesn't matter if he has a passing quarterback or a running quarterback, his defenses are always played well. I think he and obviously Alabama head coach Nick Saban are of interest and are on NFL radar screens.

"Kelly knows how to deal with teams, he's all about winning that that seems to be his only goal as a coach. I don't think Notre Dame, quite frankly, is his dream job. I think the guy's always wanted to make a case and make a jump to the National Football League."

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But no matter who receives an offer to becomes the Bears' next head coach, Miller believes the team and the city of Chicago won't have a hard time finding a top-notch candidate who would want to come to the Windy City.

"The Chicago Bears job, out of all the openings right now, to me, is the most coveted," Miller said. "It's the biggest market, there's history, there's tradition, there's a great following, it's no doubt the marquee place that I think any coach would want to be."

Report: Former Bears tight end Greg Olsen to call games at Fox after retirement

Report: Former Bears tight end Greg Olsen to call games at Fox after retirement

Former Bears tight end Greg Olsen will reportedly join Fox Sports’s broadcast booth, whenever he calls it quits on his playing career.

The New York Post reports that Olsen and Fox agreed to a contract that would make him Kevin Burkhardt’s partner as the No. 2 analyst for the network, behind Troy Aikman.

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Olsen signed a one-year deal with the Seahawks this year. If he chooses to play beyond 2020, the New York Post says that Fox will wait for him.

Olsen got rave reviews when he called the Cardinals-Giants game last season. He was also popular calling XFL games with Burkhardt.

The only question now, is how much does Olsen have left in the tank before he heads to the booth?

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Brian Urlacher joins A-Rod, J-Lo and others in bid for New York Mets

Brian Urlacher joins A-Rod, J-Lo and others in bid for New York Mets

You may know Brian Urlacher for a number of different things. Bears legend, billboard icon, that guy whose jersey the obnoxiously loud dude you met at a party was wearing, etc. He contains multitudes. 

But sometime in the near future, apparently, you may know Brian Urlacher as part-owner of the New York Mets: 

Urlacher has joined a group with Travis Kelce, DeMarco Murray, Joe Thomas, Bradley Beal, and Mason Plumlee, all of whom "are part of a group of investors who have joined power couple Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez in a bid to buy the New York Mets." Urlacher's even quoted!

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"Being a former athlete and having a chance to be a part of a group trying to purchase a professional team, it's pretty cool," Urlacher told ESPN on Monday. "It's especially cool to be involved with Alex. Alex is the man. You've got Kelce, Joe Thomas, DeMarco Murray. It's great to be in a group with them."

The group has already put in a $1.7 billion bid, presumably from all the revenue that RESTORE has accumulated thanks to their mission of being in every single Chicago sightline possible. There are, in fact, too many punchlines to this story to pick one (ok fine I lied, there's only one way for Bears fans to grow more miserable and that's to adopt the Mets), but just know that I heartily approve of each and every one you decide on.