Moon: Goodell still planning for a full season

Moon: Goodell still planning for a full season

Tuesday, March 22, 2011
Posted: 10:57 p.m.

By John Mullin

While a number of rules were decided upon at the NFL owners meetings, such as ones dealing with kickoffs and replay reviews of scoring plays, a couple of other things werent quite as clear, or at least needed some clarification.

Commissioner Roger Goodell did say Tuesday that he does not see the lockout lasting to the point of forcing cancellation of games. We are certainly planning on having a full season, Goodell said at his media session.

Goodell also said that the leagues Personal Conduct Policy will remain in place and applies to everybody in the league, he said. Obviously the league cannot enforce policies when there is no contractual obligation. But Goodell made it evident that the league will be watching and taking names. Once the labor situation is resolved, enforcement would be a subject for discussion between the league and players group.

That sets up an interesting scenario. The upshot would appear to be that players can be gigged for breaking a rule when they technically werent really bound by that rule.

This policy hasnt been a front-burner matter for the Bears, since the exit of Tank Johnson really, but with the lockout situation, a question had arisen as to whether players were subject to league action for misdeeds when there was no de facto league for them.

That question may not fully be answered until two things happen: Someone does something unacceptable under the rules of the leagues policy. And the two sides in the labor impasse need to get far bigger issues resolved.

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Mitch Trubisky wearing an awesome light-up ugly Christmas sweater

Mitch Trubisky wearing an awesome light-up ugly Christmas sweater

Mitch Trubisky's fashion sense surrounding holidays is becoming the stuff of legends.

First, Trubisky dominated Halloween with an incredible tribute costume to Da Bears legendary coach Mike Ditka.

Now, at the Bears last home game before Christmas, Trubisky is rocking the best ugly Christmas sweater you've ever seen.

Ugly? Check.

Bears themed? Check.

Battery-powered, functioning Christmas lights? Check.

Come to think of it, maybe Mitch just as a thing for sweaters. It is cold in Chicago.

Josh Bellamy fined $10k for chop block on Rams' Aaron Donald

Josh Bellamy fined $10k for chop block on Rams' Aaron Donald

Josh Bellamy's wallet got a little lighter this week. 

It was reported on Saturday night that Bellamy was hit for a little over $10k in fines for a chop block on Rams star DE Aaron Donald:

The block came on the Bears' 2nd drive of the game, which ended in a Cody Parkey field goal. 

Bellamy's making $1.9 million this season, but losing $10k no doubt stings nonetheless. Aaron Donald, man.