New-look Bears uniforms no cause for alarm


New-look Bears uniforms no cause for alarm

The Bears have made some course corrections under new GM Phil Emery and are making a minor one with the NFL and Nike unveiling uniform changes on Tuesday.

The changes, at least to the Bears uniform design, can be classed as minor, with good reason, since the Bears brand is not something to be trifled with or tweaked on a fashion whim.

Actually, the one thing that does catch the eye right away thats the idea, after all is that the Nike logo is larger and more pronounced (strong color swoosh on white pants) than the NFLs well-known shield logo.

The St. Louis Rams, Seattle Seahawks and Pittsburgh Steelers were expected to make significant changes to their game apparel. But team logos arent being altered.

The overall has stopped short of turning the uniforms into advertising billboards. But the question here is probably just when that moves to a higher level than just the swoosh logo on articles of the uniform.

And that shouldnt be cause for any hand-wringing now any more now than it was a century ago when stadium walls were one billboard panel after another. Its a tradition carried on at minor-league ballparks now and ultimately is part of the ambience rather than an eyesore.

Wilson gets its name out there on every closeup of a holder putting the ball down for a field goal or PAT. Purists once decried putting names on the backs of uniforms when the AFL started that in the 1960s.

These latest modifications shouldnt be any more troubling. The game is the thing, after all.

Mitchell Trubisky breaks social media silence to support George Floyd protests

USA Today

Mitchell Trubisky breaks social media silence to support George Floyd protests

Mitchell Trubisky is using his platform to support Blackout Tuesday and the protests against racial injustice in the United States.

In the post, Trubisky concedes he will never truly understand the struggles black people experience in America, but he stands by them during this time of unrest.

“Throughout my life I’ve been blessed to share the field and locker room with countless black men,” Trubisky said in the post. “These men and teammates have become family to me. Although I could never understand what they have to experience I empathize with them and love them like brothers. I stand with my brothers and sisters in the fight against racial injustices.

“We need to do more. We must do better. Posts, tweets, and statements aren’t enough. We need to take action. We must take the steps together to make systematic changes to prevent these evil acts from occurring.

“Love is stronger than hate. Peace and Unity will overcome violence. Black Lives Matter. #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd”

Trubisky broke his social media silence to make his statement. He hadn’t posted on Instagram since Dec. 19, and besides retweeting teammates, friends and brands, he still hasn’t posted on Twitter since May 2019.

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Bears release statement from George McCaskey on George Floyd's death

Bears release statement from George McCaskey on George Floyd's death

On Monday evening, the Bears released a statement from George McCaskey regarding the recent death of George Floyd: 

A week ago another unarmed African-American man died at the hands of a white police officer. We are witnessing the anger and frustration play out in protests across the nation, including Chicago. We must do more than wring our hands and hope it doesn’t happen again. As an organization, we have addressed it internally by offering unconditional support to our family of staff, coaches and players, and today Ryan Pace and Coach Nagy spent the allotted two hours of team meeting time listening to and healing together with our players and the coaching staff. Through our voice, our actions and our resources, it is our obligation to lead. We will continue to work with our player-led social justice committee to provide funding and exposure to local organizations dedicated to empowering communities that have been oppressed for far too long. We’re proud to support organizations like BUILD Chicago, I Grow Chicago, My Block, My Hood, My City, and Youth Guidance, among others, who are doing great work in these communities and we encourage fans to partner with us in supporting them. Our commitment is to continue to be an active participant in change.

Though they don't use his name specifically, it's clearly a reference to Floyd's death, as they Bears joined (most) teams across the country in issuing statements condemning the abuse of power among law enforcement officials.