NFL Draft Profile: Florida State C Cameron Erving


NFL Draft Profile: Florida State C Cameron Erving

As part of our coverage leading up to the 2015 NFL Draft we will provide profiles of 200 prospects, including what the scouts around the league are saying and video interviews with each player.

Cameron Erving (C), Florida State

6’5” | 313 lbs.


1st round, No. 19 overall (Cleveland Browns)

What scouts are saying:

"Versatile athlete with blend of size, athleticism, length, light feet and flexibility. Toughness, aggressive and works to finish opponents with strong hands and impressive natural power in his lower half. Easily reaches and dominates at the second level. Pulls smoothly, showing impressive initial quickness and acceleration for a man his size. Equally effective sealing off defensive tackles at center or mirroring pass rushers as a left tackle. Smooth athleticism in his kick-step to handle speed off the edge. Strong hands to latch on and control the opponent. Plays with proper knee-bend to win leverage battle." - Rob Rang & Derek Stephens,

"Keeps busy and works to secure blocks in run game. Good foot quickness into pass set. Consistently in ready position with good hand readiness in pass sets. Uses good hand placement and has natural timing with hands. Converted defensive tackle who will continue to improve in the NFL with more experience at center. Displays good snap-to-step quickness. Uses quickness to attack defender and begin his grind much earlier than when he played tackle. Competes and is a willing learner. Can get to second level and make cut-off blocks. Has athleticism to pull and offers versatility along the line." - Lance Zierlein,

"Could be a more consistent technician. Gets by on tremendous athletic ability. Footwork can be sloppy in pass protection and he bends the waist to catch the rush instead of absorbing with his lower half. When engaged tries to win with his upper body rather than his lateral swiftness. Aggression can work against him. Fails to adjust when blocking on the move when not focused. Most weaknesses are correctable with NFL coaching." - Rob Rang & Derek Stephens,

Video analysis provided by NBC Sports and Rotoworld NFL Draft expert Josh Norris.

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Akiem Hicks was at the NFC Championship game thinking what every Bears' fan was thinking

Akiem Hicks was at the NFC Championship game thinking what every Bears' fan was thinking

Akiem Hicks found himself at the NFC Championship game this weekend, and, like we're all occasionally guilty of, found himself Logging On. 

While taking a video of the game's opening kickoff, Hicks was asking the right questions: 

The last NFC Championship to be played at Soldier Field was in 2010, a 21-14 loss to Green Bay. Many thought the Bears had a good chance of brining the Halas Trophy back home in 2019, but, you know -- things happen. In fact, four of the Bears' five title game appearances have come at Soldier Field (2-2). Their only road game was a 23-0 loss to San Francisco in 1984. The Bears' NFC Championship history is actually sort of a bummer?

The Bears now have the dubious honor of motivating 49ers' RB Raheem Mostert's 4-TD day

USA Today

The Bears now have the dubious honor of motivating 49ers' RB Raheem Mostert's 4-TD day

Raheem Mostert's been cut by six different teams since 2015, so a chip on the shoulder isn't exactly surprising. 

After his 220-yard, four touchdown performance in the NFC Championship, the 27-year old explained what still gets him motivated before every game:

And who was the last team to cut Mostert before he signed with the 49ers? The Bears of course! In 2016, Mostert was signed to the their practice squad, and he ended up appearing in two games before getting cut in October. He made another brief appearance on the team's practice squad later in the year, but was off the roster for good by Thanksgiving. 

It's not some huge indictment of the team, but since the 2020 playoffs are apparently solely focused on hurting Bears' fans without even involving the Bears, this feels about right.