As part of our coverage leading up to the 2015 NFL Draft we will provide profiles of 200 prospects, including what the scouts around the league are saying and video interviews with each player.

Kevin White (CB), TCU

5’9” | 183 lbs.

2014 stats:

51 tackles, 4 for a loss, 1 sack, 2 INT


4th-5th round

What scouts are saying:

"Cornerback with mismatched parts. Has temperament and play of an outside corner, but lacks size and deep speed. Has size of a slot corner but lacks foot quickness and twitch to consistently cover speed in space." - Lance Zierlein,

"Stiff hips stall and slow him when opening to run. Struggles to stay with quick, darting wide receivers, giving away substantial separation underneath. Beaten all game long by Tyler Lockett from Kansas State. Doesn't consistently process combination routes. Lacks play strength to redirect at line of scrimmage. Smallish cornerback with short arms. Can get overmatched when disengaging from blocks and tackling." - Lance Zierlein,

"Patient feet to mirror and get into the body of the receiver off the line of scrimmage, using leverage to his advantage. Smooth transition quickness, swivel hips and footwork to redirect and burst in any direction. Plant-and-drive balance and burst. Make-up speed to locate and make plays on the ball after initially beat. Stays nose over toes to shadow with coordinated technique." - Rob Rang,


"Often lauded for his intelligence, humility and work ethic. Effortless arm strength to zip the ball up and down the field and his gazelle-like athleticism to out-run defenders. Does an excellent job of dancing his way out of pressure while keeping his eyes downfield. Quick release and flashes deadly accuracy, including when on the move. Very strong arm and isn't afraid to make challenging throws through tight windows. Shows good touch to loft passes over defenders down the seam or to backs and receivers on quick swing passes. Puts extreme pressure on the defense because of his scrambling ability. He offers rare straight-line speed, making him a legitimate threat for a big play via his arms or legs on every snap." - Dane Brugler,

Fit for the Bears:

Of the areas the Bears need to address defensively, cornerback is one where they're actually not as bad off. It seems like White, not to be confused with the West Virginia WR the Bears may take at No. 7, is more of a project in that he still needs to become more fluid in the hips and feet. Still, the Bears need all the help they can get on the defensive side - including depth just about everywhere - and it appears White has some pretty decent upside and could be a good project for Vic Fangio.

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