Ranking Bears rookies based on expected impact this season


The Bears figure to have a number of rookies get significant playing time in 2017.

CSN Chicago's Chris Boden ranked the Bears' rookie class based on how much impact he expects them to make. Watch the video above to see what Boden says about the top five.

5. Jordan Morgan, OL, fifth round pick

Boden's take: "He might be on the practice squad all year long. The Bears right now at least have good depth on the offensive line. I don't see him contributing much this year."

4. Mitch Trubisky, QB, No. 2 overall pick

Boden's take: "It's not out of the question (that he contributes). As good as he looked at rookie minicamp, this is a long-range project. There's a lot for him to learn."

3. Tarik Cohen, RB, fourth round pick

Boden's take: "The Darren Sproles comp could make an impact, especially on third downs. He's going to have to pick up 10 pounds or so if he wants anything more than that."

2. Eddie Jackson, S, fourth round pick

Boden's take: "He could potentially be a starting safety." "If not... Eddie Jackson could have an impact in the return game."

1. Adam Shaheen, TE, second round pick

Boden's take: "You can't teach his size. Even though he still has a little work to do in terms fluidity and moving in football situations, he's going to be a red zone target."