Robbie Gould shoulders blame for Bears loss: 'I feel terrible'


Robbie Gould shoulders blame for Bears loss: 'I feel terrible'

Robbie Gould was waiting at his locker as soon as the Bears clubhouse opened, ready to face the music.

The Bears limped off Soldier Field Sunday afternoon with a stomach-churning 26-20 loss to the San Francisco 49ers in overtime, a game in which Robbie Gould missed two field goals - including a 36-yarder as time expired in regulation.

"There's no excuse for it," Gould said. "I just didn't get it done today. I feel terrible. I have a job to do and I didn't do that today.

"This one falls on me and my shoulders. I feel bad for my teammates because I didn't do the job that I'm supposed to do."

It's only the fourth time in Gould's career that he missed multiple field goals in the same game, but it's already the second time this season (he also missed two field goals in Week 9 against the San Diego Chargers).

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Both field goals against the Niners fell within Gould's "comfort" range - tries of 36 and 40 yards. Entering play Sunday, Gould had missed just 10 field goals from the 30-39 yard range in his career, going 88-for-98 in such attempts (89.8 percent).

Gould did connect on his first two field goals on the afternoon - a 40-yarder and a 51-yarder in the first quarter.

"I hit the ball really well the first time," Gould said. "I had a lot of confidence going into the last two kicks. I just got quick on both of them and rushed them and hurried them.

"They're both probably the worst kicks I had all year."

Gould's teammates, however, refused to let him take all the blame.

"That's not fair at all," Bears rookie running back Jeremy Langford said. "You learn as a football player that it's not one play that loses a game. There are a lot of those plays that add up at the end of the game to help with that loss."

Matt Forte echoed Langford's thoughts.

"It's a team," Forte said. "Everybody knows that. ... We lost the game as a team. We had a chance to win the game multiple times.

"It's not fair for him to say that he lost the game. ... He can't put that all on himself. And he shouldn't."

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Gould entered the game 24-for-27 on field goals on the season is also still over 85 percent in his career (269-for-315, 85.3 percent).

"I told him on the sideline, 'You're our brother. We got your back,'" Bears linebacker Pernell McPhee said. "It's football. Nobody's ever going to be perfect, man.

"He's going to be a legendary kicker someday. He's our brother and we got his back and we're gonna fight through this together."

Bears fans got to spend the bye week watching Pat Mahomes and Deshaun Watson be transcendent football players

USA Today

Bears fans got to spend the bye week watching Pat Mahomes and Deshaun Watson be transcendent football players

The NFL calendar takes no prisoners, which makes the precious off week hours valuable for, you know, peace of mind. Go outside and read a book! Stay inside and read a book! The Bears will provide you ample opportunities to yell at them for the next 11 consecutive weeks, so there's no point in getting worked up over today's football, right? 

Right! So what Bears fans did is they went and got worked up over today's football. Pat Mahomes and Deshaun Watson -- both of which, you may have heard, were available to Ryan Pace during the 2017 NFL draft -- played one another for the first time in their pro careers, and it was magnificent:

This of course did NOT go over well on BearsTwitter, which is weird because usually Twitter is such an appreciative and understanding place. You know how they say that are only six types of storytelling? The same thing applies to Tweets. 

There are Angry Tweets: 

There are Sad Tweets:

There are Trolling Tweets: 

And finally there are Over-Written Tweets That Love The Dramatic Standalone Final Punchline:

Hope everyone's enjoying their peaceful week off! 

Aaron Rodgers has high praise for Bears' legend Lance Briggs: "There is just no comparison"

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Aaron Rodgers has high praise for Bears' legend Lance Briggs: "There is just no comparison"

We must be a long ways off from another Packers game, because Aaron Rodgers is saying nice things about Bears players right now. 

Talking to The Athletic's Dan Pompei for a wide-ranging piece on Lance Briggs, Rodgers had only great things to say about the Bears' legend

“When I think about outside linebackers, I think about Lance,” he told me. “When I compare him to other guys who started for a long time over the years in those spots with other teams, especially division teams, there is just no comparison. Sean Lee had a good run for a long time as a weakside ‘backer. But I think Lance was definitely more dominant and more impactful and did more.”

Rodgers goes on to call for Briggs' inclusion in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which figures to be a commonly-held opinion now that the league-mandated five year waiting period has passed. 

Rodgers wasn't the only great player to weigh in on Briggs' talent. Pompei talked with Steve Hutchinson, Rod Marinelli, Ron Rivera, and Brian Urlacher. The latter even gave his best Retired NFL Player Opinion: 

“Some of the hits he had were unbelievable,” Urlacher says. “He couldn’t even play in today’s game. Too physical.”

If you're a Bears' fan jonesing for a trip down memory lane while on the bye week, Pompei's piece is a good place to start.