Anyone who’s ever been to a job interview has probably been asked something along the lines of “where do you see yourself in ten years?” For Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota, the question should be, “where do I see myself next week?”

With only days remaining until the draft, it’s anyone’s guess where Mariota is headed. Here are ten teams that should be in the hunt.


Contracts aren’t fully guaranteed in the NFL, so a bad deal isn’t the prison sentence found in other sports. Dealing Jay Cutler, though tough to pull off given his $15.5 million cap hit, is not impossible.

[NFL DRAFT PROFILE: Oregon QB Marcus Mariota]

But does anyone want him? Given his age, inconsistency and overall demeanor, there won’t be many teams lining up for Cutler’s services.

A Cutler trade is probably what it would take for the Bears to consider Mariota. With so many quarterback-starved teams picking ahead of them, landing Mariota with the seventh pick is probably wishful thinking.

If Mariota does fall into the Bears’ lap, he’ll have a solid foundation on offense. Alshon Jeffery and Martellus Bennett were stellar last season and Matt Forte’s role as a dual threat would give Mariota plenty to work with. Eddie Royal can be useful in the slot. Mariota would have a good but not great line protecting him in Chicago.



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