Why John Fox won’t turn to Mitchell Trubisky over Mike Glennon yet

John Fox left no gray area with this declaration on Monday: “Mike Glennon will be our starting quarterback against Pittsburgh.”

The Mitchell Trubisky era will have to wait, with Fox — after watching the tape of Sunday’s ugly 29-7 loss tom the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — not willing to make a change at quarterback yet. Fox still believes Glennon gives the Bears’ the best chance to win this weekend against a Steelers team that beat the Minnesota Vikings by 17 last weekend. It's unlikely that Trubisky would make his debut after a short week of preparation for Sept. 28's game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field, either, so expect at least two more games of Glennon no matter what he does or doesn't do. 

“I think after two games it’s really hard to evaluate somebody,” Fox said. “… I don’t know if you should be fired or kept off of two things. But the truth of the matter is that right now, that’s the case. We’re playing arguably one of the better teams we’re going to play this year at home. We’re going to do everything in our power to look a little bit like we did in Week 1 than in Week 2. It gives us a chance.”

The concern is that even in Week 1, the Bears couldn’t win with Glennon executing the offense the way the team wanted (dropped passes by Jordan Howard and Josh Bellamy contributed, of course). If that wasn’t good enough to beat the Atlanta Falcons, could it be good enough to beat the Steelers or Green Bay Packers?

For now, though, Fox wants to see the rest of his team play well, including but not limited to Glennon — in whom he remains confident. 

“I think he makes good decisions, he works tirelessly in preparation, he works super hard,” Fox said. “It’s evident to his teammates — what you’d expect from a starting quarterback.”

Fox wouldn’t entertain hypotheticals involving what Trubisky needs to do to become the team’s starting quarterback, only saying “I think you just kind of know when it’s time.” That sounds like it’s more dependent on Trubisky’s development than what Glennon is or isn’t doing on Sundays. 

From Fox’s perspective, it’s so far, so good with what Trubisky has done in practice, though not to the point where he’s ready to take over yet. 

“I love where (Trubisky) is,” Fox said. “I love his growth. I think the guy works at it very hard. He’s into it on gameday.”