Presented By Mullin

The verdict on what kind of quarterback Mitchell Trubisky will become is far from decided. He's only had a handful of practices at Bears minicamp, and it could be an entire year before he sees significant playing time under center in game action.

CSN Insider John "Moon" Mullin spoke with two AFC scouts who not only believe Trubisky was worth the No. 2 pick, but perhaps more than that:

Two AFC scouts revealed that they had the highest grade on Trubisky that they’d had on any quarterback over the past six years. That means: higher than Jameis Winston; higher than Marcus Mariota; higher than Cam Newton; higher than Russell Wilson; higher than Andrew Luck; higher than Derek Carr; higher than Carson Wentz.

One of the primary knocks on Trubisky during the pre-draft process was that he only started one year (and 13 games) during his time with the Tar Heels. One NFC scouting team believes that worked in the Bears' favor:

The evaluation of one NFC regional scouting team was that “Trubisky is an almost perfect quarterback prospect” and that 'the Bears should count their lucky stars he only started 13 games because if he was a two-year starter, he goes 1/1 [overall No. 1] without hesitation.”

We'll have to wait and see what kind of quarterback Trubisky becomes, but it's tough not to get excited reading quotes like these.