Blackhawks: Crawford 'fine' after taking puck to the mask


Corey Crawford drifted to the side, looking dazed in the third period of Sunday's 4-1 victory after taking a puck to the mask in the third period.

The netminder got up, skated to the Blackhawks' bench and switched out his brand new mask for his old one and played the rest of the game.

And although he appeared slightly out of it right after that play, Crawford insisted he's feeling just fine.

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"That was kind of a bomb from almost the corner," he said of the shot he took. "I saw it like last second and I kind of turned my head and lost my balance a little bit."

When asked after the game, coach Joel Quenneville reiterated that Crawford wasn't feeling any side effects from that shot.

"He was fine and he is fine," Quenneville said.

The new mask, however, suffered a worse fate.

"It was just dented a little bit," Crawford said. "Whenever it's dented, there's a chance the next one can squeak through so you just have to change it.

"Yeah, it was a new [mask]. He gone."