With the start of the Stanley Cup Playoffs right around the corner, NHL analyst Eddie Olczyk joined the Kap and Haugh Show on Tuesday to weigh in on some of the upcoming matchups in Round 1:


"I think [the Blues] have everything you would want in building a championship-type of team," Olczyk said. "The question mark is — and it's been like that for a period of time — is the goaltending good enough to be able to do it? Until you do, that'll be the question mark. Is it gonna be Brian Elliott, the veteran, or is it gonna be Jake Allen? 

"You think about this series, the goaltending on either side... Devan Dubnyk's had a terrific year... He came to Minnesota,  he gave them consistency and stepped up his game to another level. 

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"But going back to St. Louis, St. Louis is a much different team than they've been in the past. They have many more offensive difference-makers in their lineup, they're a big team, heavy team, we know they're a nasty team from their rivalry with the Blackhawks.

"I give the edge to the Blues, just because of their depth and I don't know if Minnesota can score as much as St. Louis."


David Kaplan's predicting an upset in this series, choosing the Jets over the Ducks. Olczyk agreed that a scenario like that isn't too far-fetched.


"Winnipeg is a lot like St. Louis," he said. "They're a big team, they're a heavy team. It's an emotional time in Winnipeg; first time they've had a playoff game since 1996."

Check out what else Edzo had to say in the video above. And check out the video below for your Eastern Conference preview: