The first 20 minutes of Wednesday's opening contest were completely dominated by the Nashville Predators, who managed to score three goals on 12 shots against a Blackhawks team that didn't appear to have much jump in them.

But it was the second period when everything changed. The Blackhawks drew a penalty at the beginning of the frame that led to some four-on-four hockey, and after both teams had a couple of chances, it was Niklas Hjalmarsson who narrowed the scoring gap.

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Analyst Eddie Olczyk believes that sequence is what changed the game for Chicago.

"All of a sudden, James Neal of the Nashville Predators blocks a shot and he still has his stick in tact, but to him it felt a little flimsy," Olczyk recalled on Thursday's edition of the Kap and Haugh Show. "He had a wardrobe malfunction...he tested his stick and he broke his stick in half when he was testing it and he just threw it away. All of a sudden, Niklas Hjalmarsson [comes in and scores].

"To me, that was the play of the game."

See what else Olczyk had to say about that play in the video above.