Sunday, July 11, 2010
9:34 AM

By Chris Boden

WINNIPEG, Manitoba -- The forecast we saw a few days ago for rain on Toews Day here in Winnipeg couldn't have been more off-base. Cloudless sky, about 30 degrees (that's 30C, thankfully) with a nice breeze.

This entry comes from the steps of the legislature building, where the Toews Lake presentation is scheduled for 9:45, but people had begun gathering on the steps around 8:45, many in red & black "Toews 19" jerseys - even a couple in Blackhawk & Olympic "Toews 16" get-up.

Kids, grown-up men and women, not to mention some female teenage admirers. Just the start of what should be a fun and interesting six hours or so. We'll check n along the way as best we can.

I know a lot of you will wanna know exactly where this lake is so you can catch some of Jonathan's fish ASAP.