Weeks before the Nashville Predators' opening-round opponent in the Stanley Cup Playoffs was even known, the organization was already beginning its campaign to — once again — "keep the red out" of their arena.

Team president Sean Henry told the Tennesseean back in March that he was looking for ways for Bridgestone Arena to not turn into a sea of red by putting restrictions in place when playoff tickets first went on sale to keep Blackhawks fans away from their arena.

After going 0-1 on their first attempt at keeping the Chicago crowd away back in 2013, the Predators decided to take the exact same approach they did back then by only selling tickets to fans within the team's TV market.

We still have yet to see just how effective that'll be this time around.

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But now that we know the Blackhawks and Predators will face off beginning Wednesday, Nashville is also letting fans know that they'll still be playing the national anthem — not "God Bless America" — prior to home games despite the fact that Chicago fans in attendance cheer and clap loudly during it.

According to the Tennessean, Nashville fans consider Chicago's tradition to be disrespectful. In one of the Blackhawks' two visits to Nashville this season, the Predators chose to play "God Bless America" rather than the national anthem hoping it would quiet the Chicagoans down.


"It would almost be against God, country and apple pie to shout and cheer through the person next to you singing the anthem of the United States of America, wouldn't it?" Henry told the Tennessean.

So Blackhawks fans, there you have it. The Predators are sort-of-but-not-really afraid of all the cheering you may do...if you can get into the arena.

Looks like we'll have to see how it all shakes out during Game 1 on Wednesday night.