When Jimmy Vesey hit free agency Tuesday, the sweepstakes officially began.

Every general manager likely checked in on the 23-year-old Hobey Baker Award winner's status when the clock struck midnight, but the Blackhawks were one of six teams listed as "strong contenders" to land Vesey from the beginning.

And to strengthen their recruiting pitch, the reigning Hart Trophy winner Patrick Kane joined the team's brass in Boston on Wednesday to help sell Vesey to Chicago, according to Mark Divver of The Providence Journal.

The Blackhawks are going all out for the Harvard standout, and they're not the only ones doing it, either.

ESPN's Joe McDonald reported Thursday that Penguins captain Sidney Crosby, Devils goaltender Cory Schneider and Islanders captain John Tavares were among the higher-profile names representing their respective organization's who reached out to Vesey in an attempt to lure him to their team.

After completing the meetings portion of the process, now it's a waiting game as Vesey sits down to weigh all his options before making a final decision, which is expected to come by the weekend.