Sox Drawer: Blackhawks mania is Beatles-esque


Sunday, June 13, 2010
8:35 PM

By Chuck Garfien

The screams first came from the rooftops on Sheffield Avenue; loud, high-pitched squeals of excitement that was, dare we say, Beatles-esque.

In the 1960's, rock and roll may have had the British Invasion. This was a Blackhawks Invasion, a hockey movement that sent a packed Wrigley Field into a state of championship euphoria, something that, as we know, has been missing from these parts for the last century.

The doors opened in right field, and there they were. Not John, Paul, George, and Ringo...but Pat, Jonathan, Antti, and The Cup.

Considering that this Hawks team has been "Here, There, and Everywhere" around Chicago these last few days, maybe their greatest feat was the fact that the players were still standing.

With the Sox and Cubs finishing their warm-ups before the game, the Hawks continued their title parade around the field, to the delight of everyone....until head coach Joel Quenneville handed the Cup to Ozzie Guillen, who proceeded to lift it above his head as if he just won Game 6.

Cubs fans suddenly thought they were looking at Chris Pronger.

But in a park greatly divided by North Siders and South Siders, there was one thing everyone agreed on: these Blackhawks.

The party continues.