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Although Fred Hoiberg did his classic hedging, it doesn’t appear Rajon Rondo will be in the playing rotation anytime soon. Hoiberg will go with Michael Carter-Williams and Jerian Grant for the foreseeable future, going with them for Monday’s game against the Charlotte Hornets.

Rondo hasn’t played since the first half of last Friday’s game against the Indiana Pacers, when he only logged 10 minutes and was a -20 as the Bulls struggled all the way around.

“As of right now, yes. We’ll continue to monitor the flow of the game,” Hoiberg said. “We may change that but as of right now, that’s the plan.”

Hoiberg continues to praise Rondo for his professionalism and how he handled the demotion, as Rondo professionally and patiently answered questions about the situation Saturday night following the Bulls’ 20-point loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.

But when it comes to Rondo re-entering the rotation, Hoiberg says he’s open but it doesn’t seem like there will be an opening, nor has he had a discussion with Rondo about being a reserve behind Carter-Williams.

“We haven’t really gotten that far, as for that particular conversation,” Hoiberg said. “But again, he’s handled it great to this point. I’m sure if it comes to that, he’d handle it well also.”

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It doesn’t appear Rondo’s feelings about wanting to be elsewhere if things don’t change have changed since the calendar have turned to 2017, when he stated he would hope the Bulls would work with him on a trade or release so he could explore situations where he could play.


“Absolutely,” said Rondo when asked if he felt he accomplished enough in his career to warrant that accommodation.

But his meeting with general manager Gar Forman didn’t lead to any resolution, and Hoiberg isn’t touching that with anybody’s 10-foot pole.

“That’s more for upstairs than a conversation with me,” Hoiberg said.

Hoiberg wouldn’t directly retort to Rondo’s claims that Rondo was told he would be allowed to call plays and that Hoiberg told him he was playing slow.

“I don’t know if I said that exactly,” he said. “It’s a situation where it is what it is right now guys. The decision was made. We’re going with it at this particular time. That’s not to say how it’ll be the rest of the season, but it’s just the way it is right now.”