The Miami Heat and the Chicago Bulls are definitely on the minds of NBA general managers as conducted the 10th annual GM survey. The GMs predicted the Bulls will once again not be able to measure up to the Heat.

The Heat took 74.1 percent of the vote in which team will win the 2012 NBA finals. Oklahoma City took second at 14.8 percent, the Lakers third with 7.4 percent and the Bulls down to No. 4 with 3.7 percent. Yikes.

Don't fret Bulls fans, these aren't as accurate as you may think, or maybe you already knew that. Last year the Lakers owned 63.0 percent of the votes to win the 2011 championship.

With the prediction of Miami taking the cake, they earned 96.3 percent of the vote to win the Eastern Conference and the Bulls earned the remaining 3.7 percent. Last year they predicted the Bulls would win the Central Division (82.1 percent) and this time 96.4 percent believe they will win over the Indiana Pacers (3.6 percent).

Now we go to MVP, and there is no mention of Derrick Rose. Kevin Durant takes the No. 1 spot with 55.6 percent of the votes and LeBron James owns 44.4 percent. Last year the GMs predicted Kevin Durant as the league MVP.

While Rose wasn't mentioned in the MVP category, 59.3 percent of the GMs believe he is the best point guard in the NBA. Chris Paul (37.0 percent) and Russell Westbrook (3.7 percent) also join Rose in that category.

What do you think of the results? Will the Heat outlast the Bulls once again? Does Derrick Rose deserve a spot on the MVP list or is it too early to decide? Share your predictions below!Check out the entire list of questions and results here.