CSN Bulls Insider Vincent Goodwill joined Kap & Haugh on Thursday to discuss the relationship between Derrick Rose and Jimmy Butler, and whether or not there's credence to the report that the two are having problems co-existing.

Goodwill explained that more so than there being an issue, the two simply haven't played enough together.

"I think these are two guys that haven't played much with each other more than anything else," Goodwill said, "and then when you throw them in high pressure, playoff atmosphere where every guy feels more pressure to want to do it on their own, which is what Derrick Rose naturally feels anyways, and with Jimmy Butler looking at it saying, 'I was the guy that carried this team while you were going through some of your injury issues early on this year and I was the guy that held this thing steady,' you're going to have a natural clash because those two guys don't know how to play with each other. They haven't had the opportunity to."

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Rose and Butler played just 46 of 82 regular-season games together this season.

See what else Goodwill had to say about the Rose-Butler relationship in the video above.