By Christopher Cason

Luol Deng will likely miss Sundays game against the Miami Heat, amidst speculation and even reports that he would play.

While the pain in the small forwards left wrist is decreasing, he shot down any talk of him targeting that specific date for his return.

In an interview with prior to Friday nights game with Milwaukee, Deng said hes still a week or more away from returning but was doing all he can to return as quickly as possible.

"I really don't know where that came from," Deng said. "If I was able to go today I would. If I'm able to go on Sunday I'll go. I don't know where that exact date came from. I've never put an exact date on it. I just know that I gotta do whatever I can.

"The fact that I'm avoiding surgery, I gotta make sure that I rehab and get the pain down, so it doesn't keep coming back," Deng continued. "I don't want it to be a re-occurring problem all year where I play a few games and take time off. That's what we're really trying to avoid right now."

Deng suffered a torn ligament in the wrist in the fourth quarter of last Saturdays 95-89 win over the Charlotte Bobcats.

After consulting with outside doctors, he elected against surgery to help the Bulls pursue a title. Recovery time from the surgery is believed to be 3-4 months.


He has started picking up his activity, doing some voluntary shooting on Thursday and some sprinting before Fridays win over Milwaukee.