Well, by the looks of things basketball fans really really missed the NBA and didn't hold much of a grudge as I thought they would. For now. After the 1998-'99 lockout, television ratings and attendance significantly dropped. Au contraire says 2011-12. The LA Times reports that the five Christmas day opener produced healthy ratings on TNT, ABC and ESPN, including ABC drawing in 11 million viewers for the Bulls-Lakers game. Twenty-five of the first 32 games in the shortened season were sellouts which is up from 19 of the first 32 last season. Maybe fans want to get their NBA fix in quick while it lasts. After the holidays, however attendance might fall, but the NBA is prepared for that. The NBA encouraged teams to make around 500 tickets per game available at 10 or less according to NBA Executive Vice President Chris Granger. Granger told the LA Times that about one million 10 tickets will be availble over the course of the season.There have also been plenty of subtle, or not-so subtle reminders that the NBA is back. In Atlanta, the Hawks operated toll booths during a morning rush and the Timberwolves staffed a drive-through window of a fast-food restaurant. And let's not forget the Bulls showcased their six championship trophies throughout the city prior to the beginning of the season. These fan-friendly initiatives could play a big part in the jump from 90.3 percent capacity for the full 2010-11 season to a now 99.2 percent capacity. But, time will tell if the stands will continue to fill. Have your views changed? Did you back off or are you just as a big of a fan as you were last season?