While NBA rosters fill up with the top free agents coming off the board, everything on the Nikola Mirotic front has been quiet.

The 26-year-old still has not signed an offer sheet or agreed to an extension with the Bulls, and we're now a full week into free agency.

ESPN's Nick Friedell broke down the situation and the SportsTalk Live panel analyzed it on the latest edition of the show.

"Kap, basically the Bulls have told Niko, If you want to get paid big money, find it somewhere else and sign the offer sheet.' And they're waiting to see if he does," Friedell said. "I think that NIko's always wanted to be in Chicago but I think the Bulls have a pricepoint in mind that they don't want to go past and if a team goes past that point, they're going to say Niko, thanks for the memories. it was good knowing you for three years.'"

Check out the entire discussion in the video above.