Chicagoans are used to seeing Bulls apparel on the street yearround.

It wouldn't even be crazy to catch a glimpse of a Michael Jordan jersey or a Derrick Rose shirsey anywhere around the U.S.

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But Bulls gear has taken on a global appeal again, with swag showing up in Paris, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan and Australia. When Jordan and the Bulls won two separate three-peats in the '90s, Bulls jerseys were seen in every corner of the world and though the team hasn't won a championships since then, the black and red is making a fashion comeback.

Fashion magazine Vogue explains just how the Bulls jersey became a worldwide phenomenon, pointing to a '90s-style throwback craze.

Fashion Week in South Korea:

Photo courtesy of @seoulfashionweek2016


Photo courtesy of @isolatedstyle_

Bulls swag is even popular with young kids worldwide:

Photo courtesy of Simpson Kim

Photo courtesy of @compassmoda

Japan getting in on the fashion craze:

Photo courtesy of @tokyofashion


And then there's this Australian dude with zombie eyes (who may or may not be picking his nose) sporting a Nikola Mirotic upside-down jersey:


Photo courtesy of @streetstyleaustralia