The Bulls may have lost Sunday's game on a LeBron James buzzer-beater, but PJ Rose was the real star of the day.

Derrick Rose's toddler took the internet by storm with his pouty look while sitting on his dad's lap in the postgame press conference.

As Tom Cooper says in the latest "In Case You Missed It," it helps us envision what PJ's graduation may be like for Rose in his post-basketball career.

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Coop also breaks down the tough matchup for the Blackhawks as they take on Gordon Bombay (who clearly let himself go) and the Mighty Ducks with Goldberg in net. How will Corey Crawford handle the "Flying V"?

Plus, all three contests on a recent "Jeopardy!" show couldn't think of Clark the Cub as an answer about the team's latest mascot, though, of course, Coop makes the case that David Kaplan could be considered the Cubs' mascot.