Jimmy Butler goes 1-on-1 with Bulls Insider Vincent Goodwill


Jimmy Butler goes 1-on-1 with Bulls Insider Vincent Goodwill

CSN's Bulls Insider Vincent Goodwill sat down with shooting guard Jimmy Butler to discuss his recent maximum contract, the leadership role he hopes to take on this year and his relationship with Derrick Rose.

You can watch the interview in the video above. It's transcribed below. 

Bulls Insider Vincent Goodwill: You said that you want to be more of a vocal leader. Did you sense a void there last year as far as leadership?

Bulls shooting guard Jimmy Butler: I'm not going to say I sensed a void. I think there can always be more of it. There can never be enough vocal leadership and I have to bring something new to the table, so why not make that my thing for this team? The thing I can bring most is to lead. I have to get better at it - I think we all have to - but that's the first step in me becoming the player I want to be.

Goodwill: Is that a maturity thing or the fact that you have the contract where people are going to pay more attention to you?

Butler: I don't think the contract has anything to do with anything. I think as you grow in this league and you see what guys do in this league - not even like stats-wise - just the way that they pull people along with them to do what they're doing and work as hard as they're working, I think that's the next step in my career is to be able to lead and have people follow in what I'm doing.

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Goodwill: Is it reasonable to consider that there's more room for you to grow as an individual player?

Butler: I hope so, that's my goal. That's why I go in every summer with the same mindset, to get better. I go in every day to get better. And I think if I continue to work as hard as I've been working, why can't I make another jump? Why can't I get more assists, get more points, get more rebounds, whatever it may be? As long as I'm confident in my game, which I am, I think all that will take care of itself.

Goodwill: How much do you and Derrick Rose need each other to get past Cleveland and the rest of the East?

Butler: We need everybody on the floor. I think everybody just puts an emphasis on me and Derrick because (we're) point guard (and) 2-guard spots, the backcourt, whatever you want to call it. But we can't do it by ourselves. I can't. He can't. We have the other three guys on the court for a reason. We have our bench players for a reason. We just have to focus in on whatever it takes to make our team win on any given night. If (Derrick's) hot, get him the ball. If he's feeling it, get him the ball. Same way with Pau, same way with Jo. Me, Niko. It doesn't matter. Doesn't matter how many points anybody scores because at the end of the day the object of the game is to win, no matter if you're scoring two points or 50 points per game, if you win that championship everybody gets that ring, everybody's a winner.

Goodwill: Did that criticism bother you over the summer?

Butler: I don't read it to tell you the truth. I think my agent was like, 'Hey, did you read this?' Or my brother. Man, it has nothing to do with me. I'm in here working. I don't have time to read what people say on the internet. I'm pretty sure multiple times this season I'll be not worth the contract that I just got, I'm not a good player. That's fine. I'll just focus on the people that matter: my teammates, my family and this organization. Those are truly the only opinions that I'll take into mind.

NBA unveils logo for NBA All-Star 2020, which will take place in Chicago


NBA unveils logo for NBA All-Star 2020, which will take place in Chicago

A year from now, Chicago will be on the NBA's center stage in that they will be hosting the NBA's 2020 All-Star weekend. 

Sunday, Team LeBron took down Team Giannis 178-164 in Charlotte to capture the 2019 NBA All-Star Game crown. Despite next year's game being a year away, the NBA unveiled the logo for the 2020 game, which the Bulls will host at the United Center.

According to the Bulls, the logo "features elements from the iconic Chicago flag including four red six-pointed stars and two horizontal blue stripes. The Chicago Bulls’ signature font and team colors – red and black – are also incorporated into the logo scheme."

During Sunday's game, Bulls legend and Charlotte Hornets chairman Michael Jordan passed off the ceremonial 2020 All-Star Game basketball to Bulls president and COO, Michael Reinsdorf. 

The 2020 NBA All-Star Game will take place on Feb. 16. It will be the 69th edition of the annual exhibition matchup.

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Matt Nagy calls Michael Jordan ‘the greatest athlete to ever play a sport’


Matt Nagy calls Michael Jordan ‘the greatest athlete to ever play a sport’

The NBA All-Start weekend is here, and you can bet Matt Nagy will keep an eye on the action.

The Bears head coach is a lifelong basketball fan, and he even weighed in on the “greatest of all time” debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron James.

He ranked the top 10 NBA players of his lifetime for the team’s official site, and of course, he put the Chicago legend at the top of his list.

“This is the greatest athlete to ever play a sport,” Nagy said. “When the tongue came out… good luck.”

LeBron still came in second, and Nagy was quite complimentary, calling him the “most underappreciated athlete of all time when it comes to being a complete role model on and off the court.”

Two other Los Angeles Lakers legends were next, with Kobe Bryant at three and Magic Johnson at four in Nagy’s list.

Larry Bird came in fifth, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ranked sixth, but Nagy admitted “Kareem would most likely be higher on this list if I wasn’t only 11 years old when he retired.”

Tim Duncan, Allen Iverson, Shaq and Karl Malone rounded out the top 10.