NBA Draft Profile: Gonzaga PF Kyle Wiltjer

NBA Draft Profile: Gonzaga PF Kyle Wiltjer

As part of our coverage leading up to the 2016 NBA Draft we will provide profiles of more than 50 prospects, including video interviews with each player, what they're saying leading up to draft day as well as their potential fit with the Bulls.

Kyle Wiltjer, PF, Gonzaga

6'10" | 240 lbs. | 23 years old

2015-16 stats:

20.4 points, 6.3 rebounds, 2.5 3-pointers, 43.7% 3FG


Second round to undrafted


"That's what I do (make 3-pointers) and that's what I take pride in. And I think it's good, especially if you have playmakers, to have a guy out there that can shoot. It stretches out the floor for them, and then if (the defense) helps off it's a shot. So I try to do my best shooting the basketball. Hopefully that's my in."

Fit for the Bulls:

It's difficult to envision Wiltjer sticking in the NBA, given that he's already 23 years old, isn't overly athletic and doesn't play much defense. That being said, many players have found their niche in the league by honing in on one trait and trying to perfect it. For Wiltjer, that's outside shooting. There's something to be said for a 6-foot-10 forward who made nearly 44 percent of his nearly six triples per game. The Bulls won't have much use for him, but he could be someone who has a stellar Summer League and finds himself on the end of an NBA bench.

Open Gym Video SZN: Wendell Carter's jumper is looking pure


Open Gym Video SZN: Wendell Carter's jumper is looking pure

Yes, it's overanalyzing-open-gym-videos season around the NBA. Forgive us, but this one was pretty nice.

Bulls center Wendell Carter Jr. was seen working out with basketball trainer Chris Johnson, who has videos working out the likes of Jimmy Butler, Ben Simmons and other significant NBAers. And in just a 53-second clip, Carter shows off some impressive turnaround and fadeaway jumpers off the same initial move.

Now, let's state this again. It's a workout video and it shows Carter making five jumpers. It's nothing to get worked up about.

However, it's a positive sign that Carter is working on his jumper.

The Duke product showed some flashes of solid midrange shooting under Fred Hoiberg but moved almost exclusively to the post once Jim Boylen took over.

Under Hoiberg, Carter averaged 2.1 midrange shots per game and 1.0 3-point attempts per game.

Under Boylen, Carter averaged 1.6 midrange shots per game and 0.4 3-point attempts per game.

The hope is that Carter gets to spread his offensive wings a little bit more in his second season, and this short video would suggest that he's going to.

The legend of the 'Michael Jordan edition' of NBA Jam


The legend of the 'Michael Jordan edition' of NBA Jam

Almost every sports fan in the world is at least somewhat familiar with video game NBA Jam, one of the most successful arcade series of all-time, but even the most hardcore NBA Jam fans might not know this story. 

Tim Kitzrow, the official voice of NBA Jam, had an interview with Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson this week where he revealed information about secret copies of the game.

NBA Jam was already extremely popular by the mid-90s but the most notable absence was Bulls superstar Michael Jordan. 'His Airness' had an exclusive rights deal with Nike that caused him to opt-out of the NBA Players Association group license, but MJ and good friends Gary Payton and Ken Griffey Jr. all wanted to be in the game nonetheless. 

Payton wasn't in the game with the Seattle Supersonics right away, Griffey due to his being an MLB player and MJ due to his licensing deal, so the NBA Jam crew whipped up special copies of the game with playable versions of themselves.

 So we got a call from their agents and I came back in the studio and recorded their voices. The artists put together the visuals and we sent them each individual a large NBA Jam package......There’s only four to five cabinets in the world that exist. I’d love to ask Michael Jordan if he still has his.

There is no confirmation as of yet as to if Jordan and Griffey still own their copies of the game, but Kitzrow did say Payton stated that his sons played the NBA Jam edition with his character in it growing up, so there is still hope when it comes to tracking down one of the rare copies of the game.

Ultimately, Kitzrow stated that he wants to speak with former Midway and NBA Jam developer Mark Turmell about legally releasing a copy of the game with the Jordan character, or working towards getting this "Holy Grail" copy of NBA Jam put into the Basketball Hall of Fame.

See the full interview with Tim Kitzrow here