By the numbers: Michael Jordan's unparalleled Bulls career


By the numbers: Michael Jordan's unparalleled Bulls career

Michael Jordan celebrated his 53rd birthday on Wednesday. Our own Chris Kamka compiled some of the craziest stats from Jordan's unparalleled NBA career.

Points by game:

Points Number of times
0-9 points 1
10-19 points 81
20-29 points 311
30-29 points 372
40-49 points 135
50-59 points 26
60-69 points 4

Jordan scored 10+ points in each of his first 89 career NBA games. Then he had eight points (in only 16 minutes off the bench right after coming back from foot injury) in game No. 90.

Then played the last 840 consecutive games of his Bulls career without scoring fewer than 10 points.

He added an additional 26 games to that streak with the Wizards to bring the total to 866 straight games, an NBA record.

From 1984-85 to 1997-98 (his Bulls years), Jordan had 30 games of at least 50 points. The next highest total over that span was seven, by Dominique Wilkins. And that's despite Jordan missing over a season and a half to play baseball.

Speaking of baseball, Jordan had 30 steals for the Birmingham Barons in 1994. Then he returned to the Bulls for the end of the 1994-95 season and had exactly 30 steals. Only once did an opposing player score 50+ against the Bulls in a game in which Jordan appeared (Dominique Wilkins 57, 12/10/86)

From 1984-85 to 1997-98, Jordan scored 29,277 points, which was 24.23% of the Bulls' 120,818 points. And that's despite Jordan missing over a season and a half to play baseball (and despite missing 64 games with a foot injury in 1985-86).

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Jordan appeared in 13 seasons with Bulls.

- in 1985-86 he played only 18 games due to injury

- in 1994-95 he played only 17 games after returning from baseball

- Jordan led the NBA in points scored in each of the other 11 seasons (led NBA in PPG in 10 of those seasons)

As a rookie in 1984-85, Jordan scored no fewer than 13 points in a game. He was held under 20 only nine times.

40+ point games with Bulls:

Michael Jordan 165
Everyone else 51

50+ point games with Bulls:

Michael Jordan 30
Everyone else 3*

*Chet Walker, Jamal Crawford & Jimmy Butler - one each

40+ point games with Bulls: 

Player 40+ point games Games
Michael Jordan's rookie year 7 82
Jimmy Butler's career 3 304
Derrick Rose's career 2 385
Luol Deng's Bulls career 1 637

From March 25 to April 14, 1989 (11 games):

Michael Jordan averaged 33.6 PPG, 10.8 RPG, 11.4 APG, had triple-double in 10 of 11 games (and had a career-high 17 assists in the game before that 11-game stretch - March 24th)

When Jordan scored a career-high 3,041 points in 1986-87, he made only 12 3-pointers. He later made a career-high 111 3-pointers in both 1995-96 and 1996-97.

During the six Bulls championship seasons, Jordan missed a total of six games: Two in 1991-92 and four in 1992-93. He played in 82 games in each of the last three championship seasons.

On Feb 26, 1987, Jordan (58 points) outscored the Nets' entire starting five (54 points)

On Jan 21, 1997, Jordan scored 51 of the Bulls' 88 points (58.0% of his team's points)

Michael Jordan is one of only three players in NBA history with five or more MVP awards. He and Bill Russell have won the award five times, while Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has won it six times. 

Michael Jordan won NBA Defensive Player of the Year award in 1987-88. He is only player to win the award while averaging over 30 PPG (35.0 PPG)

Michael Jordan passed Bob Love's franchise record of 12,623 points in a Bulls uniform on January 26, 1990.  At age 26 years, 343 days.

Michael Jordan reached 10,000 points for his NBA career on January 25, 1989.  At age 25 years, 343 days.

Jordan's 37.1 PPG in 1986-87 was highest in a season in NBA since Wilt Chamberlain (44.8 PPG in 1962-63). Since that season, the highest anyone other than Jordan has reached was Kobe Bryant's 35.4 PPG in 2005-06.

Jordan is the only player in NBA history to score 40+ points in a game after turning 40 (43 points at age 40 years, 4 days with Wizards on Feb 21, 2003)

In the playoffs:

Jordan scored 20+ points in each of his last 47 consecutive postseason games. (Last 7 of 1996, then all 19 in 1997, and all 21 in 1998) His 33.4 points per game in 179 career playoff games is an NBA record.

Jordan's three Minor League home runs in 1994 (with Birmingham Barons):

July 30, off Kevin Rychel (Carolina)

August 8, off Jeff Ware (Knoxville)

August 20, off Glen Cullop (Chattanooga)

Kevin Durant chimes in on Zach LaVine's comments on mid-range shooting

Kevin Durant chimes in on Zach LaVine's comments on mid-range shooting

There is much discussion in the basketball community surrounding the value of the midrange shot following a Sun-Times article from Joe Cowley that discussed the Bulls analytics department wanting Zach LaVine to limit his mid-range attempts, and a segment on ESPN's The Jump, discussing the same topic. On Tuesday morning Matt Moore of the Action Network chimed in, offering up the statistics that clearly support the notion that LaVine should be shooting many, many more 3-pointers than 2s. 

While Moore's points were solid and backed up by the numbers, NBA superstar Kevin Durant offered up his opinion from a player's perspective. Durant backed up LaVine's quote of "sometimes there's nothing better than putting the ball in your best playmaker's hands and letting him get the shot he needs rather than the one you want." KD commented that he has seen too many players pass up wide-open midrange shots to force up 3-pointers or contested shots at the rim, with analytics having an influence on the shots that players take, referring the mid-range as "forbidden."

Durant went on to comment and respond to users' comments on the situation. In one response Durant agrees with a user who states that he is teaching his son to work on his mid-range game first and shoot 3-pointers once he is strong enough, stating "that's how I was taught."

Moore had some fun with the response from Durant, stating that when he initially tweeted about the topic, his intentions were not to get into a debate on the value of mid-range shots with an active NBA player who is already among the all-time greats. 

 Moore's original sentiment agrees with what the Bulls' analytics department is trying to accomplish. LaVine has always been a good mid-range shooter but last year alone he shot 35.8% on mid-range shots and 37.4% on 3-point attempts.

It is obvious that players still need to have to players who can hit mid-range attempts, as some of the best teams in the league—including recent NBA champions Toronto and Golden State, who finished second in the league in percentage of points coming from mid-range shots—have relied on players who can generate solid mid-range attempts in high-leverage moments. But Durant's point is important to note too.

Durant stated that you have to be "confident to make any shot" but countered that whatever you work on the most is what you will be best at. He doubled down on that point, saying most primary scoring options in the NBA shouldn't worry about analytics and should play off of feel, rather than numbers. 

Ultimately, there has to be a balance.

As we have seen through the preseason, taking fewer shots from the mid-range has certainly appeared to benefit LaVine's game, as he is currently fourth in the league in preseason scoring, averaging 23.3 points per game through three contests. But taking what the defense gives you, especially when you are as confident of a player as Durant or LaVine, still needs to be emphasized. 

In what should be a huge season for LaVine, he will again have a high-usage rate as he looks to lead the Bulls to a bounce-back season and mid-range shots, while limited, will still be a part of his shot profile.

So as far as Chicago Bulls fans should be concerned, this is a win-win. LaVine has clearly taken to heart was the Bulls' analytics department is preaching by shooting fewer mid-rangers but he still understands that that shot is going to be necessary for certain moments. So when LaVine is open from mid-range in 2019-20, the Bulls coaching staff will likely be saying the same thing Durant did on Tuesday morning, "Shoot em Zach."

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Watch Lauri Markkanen and Cristiano Felício brave a haunted house

USA Today

Watch Lauri Markkanen and Cristiano Felício brave a haunted house

Lauri Markkanen is 7-feet tall.  Cristiano Felício is 6-feet-10. It’s safe to say they’re big guys, which would lead you to believe they wouldn’t be scared by much.

In a preseason outing to 13th Floor Haunted House in Chicago, Lauri and Felício showed that height doesn’t mean you’re immune to spooks (especially when Benny the Bull is let loose in the haunted house control room).  

Watch them try to maneuver their tall frames through cobwebs and zombies in the video posted to the Bulls’ Twitter here.

Viewers beware, ghastly ghouls and frightened NBA stars await you.

Despite all the screaming, the Bulls players sounded like they had a fun night. Lauri even responded to video on Twitter saying that while maybe he got scared a little, he ultimately had a good time.

Hey, if they can face-off against monsters and chainsaw mascot maniacs, taking on the other teams in NBA won’t seem so bad!

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