By: Brenna Carberry  

Much of the discussion throughout the NBA regular season and playoffs revolved around whether or not the 2015-16 Golden State Warriors should be considered the greatest team ever. 

While they did have the best start in NBA history (24-0), and later eclipsed the record for regular season wins (73-9), the Warriors failure to win a championship to cap off their legendary season means the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls are still the greatest team in NBA history, well, according to two of that Bulls team's most vocal players. 

Dennis Rodman took to Twitter Sunday night to express his opinion regarding who the greatest team in NBA history is, following the Cleveland Cavaliers shocking win over the Warriors in Game 7 of the NBA Finals. 

Scottie Pippen expressed a similar sentiment when asked who the greatest team in NBA history was in an interview with ESPN Radio's Mike & Mike on Monday.


"The 1995-96 Bulls," Pippen said. "We live on."

"No matter how well you do in the regular season, it has to be capped off with a championship, to really mark your legacy in the game," Pippen continued to say. "That's where we see Golden State had some failure there. They lost their dominance throughout the playoffs."

Need further proof?

Overall records (including playoffs)

1995-96 Bulls: 87-13

2015-16 Warriors: 88-18

The historic 1995-96 Chicago Bulls team, which featured Rodman, Pippen, Michael Jordan, and current Warriors head coach Steve Kerr, finished the regular season with a record of 72-10 and went on to claim the NBA title.

So, to Rodman and Pippen, a legendary regular season doesn't mean a thing without a championship ring.