Rajon Rondo's injury coincided with the Bulls' playoff run being derailed as soon as he got hurt in Game 2 and he wasn't shy to voice what could have been as a guest on Inside the NBA on Monday night.

Kevin Garnett hosted a Celtics reunion roundtable on the postgame show with former Celtics teammates Paul Pierce, Kendrick Perkins, Pual Pierce and Rondo.

The Bulls won the first two games in Boston, but Rondo broke his thumb in Game 2 and missed the rest of the series. The Bulls lost the next four games.

Charles Barkley asked Rondo how frustrated he was to see the Bulls "dominating the Celtics and then get hurt."

"It was very frustrating, especially the way we were clicking at the time," Rondo said. "We had a good chemistry going and I thought we were making great adjustments."

Then Perkins and Garnett asked Rondo if he thought the Bulls would sweep Boston if Rondo didn't get hurt.

Rondo's response: "Honestly, yeah."

The NBA on TNT twitter account posted the full video. Rondo is asked about the Bulls-Celtics series at about the 1:40 mark: