Report: Hoiberg hires Iowa State assistant Charlie Henry


Report: Hoiberg hires Iowa State assistant Charlie Henry

Fred Hoiberg has added another assistant to his coaching staff.

According to a report from the Ames Tribune, Iowa State men's basketball assistant Charlie Henry will join Hoiberg's staff with the Bulls.

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Henry spent the 2011-12 season as the Indiana Pacers' video coordinator before joining Hoiberg's Cyclones staff as a graduate assistant in 2012. He was promoted to director of player development in 2013 and to full-time assistant in 2014.

Henry joins Jim Boylen on Hoiberg's staff. Boylen was officially announced as Hoiberg's lead assistant Wednesday. He was an assistant in Indiana when Henry was on the staff in 2011-12.

The 90s Bulls references in Comedy Central's "South Side" are amazing


The 90s Bulls references in Comedy Central's "South Side" are amazing

Any TV show that references Bill Cartwright and Cliff Levingston gets a positive review in our book.

"South Side" is a new show from Comedy Central that "follows two friends who just graduated from community college and are ready to take over the world. But until they do, they’re stuck working at Rent-T-Own. Shot on location in Chicago's Englewood neighborhood, the show offers an authentic look into what life on the South Side is all about."

This isn't an #ad, but you should certainly check it out if for no other reason than the constant Bulls references like the one below.

For you newer generation of Bulls fans, Cartwright played the final seven seasons of his NBA career with the Bulls. He averaged 8.7 points and 5.3 rebounds in 426 games and later coached the Bulls from 2001 to 2004. He went 51-100 as head coach.

Levingston played two seasons with the Bulls (1990-1992) and averaged 4.0 poinst and 2.9 rebounds in 157 games.

No one would argue they were critical pieces to the early 90s Bulls title teams, but they're still making headlines in 2019 for getting shoutouts in "South Side."

Open Gym Video SZN: Wendell Carter's jumper is looking pure


Open Gym Video SZN: Wendell Carter's jumper is looking pure

Yes, it's overanalyzing-open-gym-videos season around the NBA. Forgive us, but this one was pretty nice.

Bulls center Wendell Carter Jr. was seen working out with basketball trainer Chris Johnson, who has videos working out the likes of Jimmy Butler, Ben Simmons and other significant NBAers. And in just a 53-second clip, Carter shows off some impressive turnaround and fadeaway jumpers off the same initial move.

Now, let's state this again. It's a workout video and it shows Carter making five jumpers. It's nothing to get worked up about.

However, it's a positive sign that Carter is working on his jumper.

The Duke product showed some flashes of solid midrange shooting under Fred Hoiberg but moved almost exclusively to the post once Jim Boylen took over.

Under Hoiberg, Carter averaged 2.1 midrange shots per game and 1.0 3-point attempts per game.

Under Boylen, Carter averaged 1.6 midrange shots per game and 0.4 3-point attempts per game.

The hope is that Carter gets to spread his offensive wings a little bit more in his second season, and this short video would suggest that he's going to.