Schanowski: Deal a Sign of Something Bigger?


Schanowski: Deal a Sign of Something Bigger?

Monday, Jan. 25, 2010By Mark Schanowski
CSNChicago.comOkay, Devin Brown is a decent NBA player. He's a 6'5 shooting guard out of Texas-San Antonio who played meaningful minutes on some of those good Spurs' teams earlier in the decade. And, the Bulls gave up next to nothing to get him. They weren't using Aaron Gray at all off the bench. The 3rd year center out of Pittsburgh suffered a leg stress fracture early in training camp, and put on a lot of weight when he had to scale back his workouts to let the injury heal. Vinny Del Negro tried to get him in a couple of games after he returned to the active roster, but Gray was even slower than usual, and couldn't compete at the NBA level.Brown had one of his best games this season against the Bulls back on December 26th. He scored 22 points, hitting 6 of 7 shots from beyond the arc. But for his career, Brown is just a 40 percent shooter from the field, 34 percent from three-point range. He is considered an above average defensive player. Were excited to add Devin Brown to our team, said Chicago Bulls General Manager Gar Forman. His toughness, defensive versatility, and shooting will be excellent additions to our perimeter rotation.Okay, so the Bulls are excited to add Devin Brown. But what does this deal REALLY mean. It's no secret Forman and Executive V.P. of Basketball Operations John Paxson are looking to make a big strike before the February 18th trade deadline. It doesn't look like Toronto is interested in moving potential free agent Chris Bosh, but Amare Stoudemire is rumored to be very available. Now that the Bulls have another shooting guard on the roster, would they be willing to trade Tyrus Thomas and either John Salmons or Kirk Hinrich to Phoenix for Stoudemire? Paxson has talked with his former Bulls' teammate Steve Kerr about a potential Stoudemire deal in the past, and the two sides were close to a trade last February until Suns' coach Alvin Gentry convinced ownership to hang on to Stoudemire to try to make a run for the playoffs.Whether the Bulls are able to make a trade for Stoudemire or simply planning to unload some salary in preparation for this summer's free agent derby, it's pretty obvious either Salmons or Hinrich will be traded before the deadline. The Bulls have six guards on the roster now, to go with four forwards and two centers. I'm not counting Jerome James, because he doesn't play anymore. But even more important than the roster imbalance is salary considerations for this summer. The Bulls need to free up somewhere in the 5 to 7 million dollar range to guarantee they'll be able to make a maximum contract offer to one of the top free agents. Salmons has a player option for next season at around 6.7 million dollars, and the Bulls don't want to take the risk he'll exercise the option to stay, and mess up their summer plans. My best guess is they'll include Salmons in a trade before the deadline, and give his minutes to Devin Brown. The Bulls are 9-4 with Hinrich in the starting line-up, and he's always been a favorite of Vinny and Pax, so I don't think Hinrich will be traded unless it's the perfect deal.It's pretty safe to assume Chicago area native Dwyane Wade is the number one target for the Bulls in free agency, but he's not expected to leave Miami. And, despite all the breathless anticipation of Knicks' fans, it's not likely LeBron will leave the Cavs, either. So, that leaves Stoudemire, Bosh and Atlanta's Joe Johnson as the most likely players to change teams this summer. From the Bulls' perspective, if you have the chance to get a half-season look at Stoudemire, why not roll the dice? If he fits in as well as I imagine he will running that high screen and roll with Derrick Rose, the Bulls can feel comfortable in offering him a max extension this summer, with his Larry Bird rights still intact. And, if he doesn't, they can let him walk, and go after Bosh, Johnson or Carlos Boozer in free agency. Devin Brown will make his Bulls' debut Wednesday night in Oklahoma City, a game you can watch on Comcast SportsNet at 7 p.m. He'll have to get a new number, because 23 is hanging from the rafters at the United Center! But Brown's arrival is the latest indication that Paxson and Forman are thinking big, and we'll be looking forward to what else they're able to do before the trade deadline.We'll have much more on the trade during SportsNite at 6:30, then Kendall Gill will join me for Bulls Pre-game Live at 7, just ahead of the Bulls-Spurs game from San Antonio at 7:30.

Former Bulls guard opens up about having depression


Former Bulls guard opens up about having depression

During his NBA career, he was known as having a joking, outgoing, clown-type of personality. Now, former NBA point guard Nate Robinson opened up about having depression.

Robinson, an 11-year NBA veteran, told Bleacher Report that he began going to therapy sessions in the 2012-13 season when he played for the Bulls.

He said he would struggle with having an angel and a demon inside of him.

"The NBA gave me my depression," Robinson told Bleacher Report. "I've never been a depressed person in my life."

"The hardest thing in my whole life, of my 34 years in existence on earth, was dealing with 11 years in the NBA of trying to be somebody that [NBA coaches] want me to be," Robinson said.

When Robinson was with the Bulls, he said he would sit in front of the plane so he wouldn’t be tempted to crack jokes. His one year with the Bulls ended up being one of the top seasons statistically in his career. He averaged just over 13 points and four assists per game. He played in all 82 games (starting 23) on a team that finished 45-37 with a berth in the Eastern Conference semifinals.

He thought his behavior was always looked down upon, and Robinson thought he was being punished for his actions.

“It’s like Spider-Man, that Venom. I never wanted that Venom outfit to just consume me,” he says. “I wanted to be Spider-Man. I wanted to be positive. I never wanted that dark side to come out because I know what that dark side could do.” 

This might come as a surprise for NBA fans, knowing how energetic Robinson was on the court, no matter what team he was a part of.

Even though Robinson is just 5-foot-9, he brought a spark of energy when he came into the game.

He hasn’t played in the NBA since the 2015-16 season with the Pelicans and spent last year with the Delaware 87ers in the G League.

Robinson is known for his participation in the NBA Slam Dunk competition. He won three contests, going back-to-back in 2009 and 2010.

One highlight was Robinson jumping over Dwight Howard in 2009, which ultimately gave Robinson his third title. Another highlight is welcoming former 1986 Slam Dunk Champion Spud Webb on the floor in 2006 and jumping over him.

Robinson is still vying for a comeback to the NBA.

Bulls Talk Podcast: 2018 NBA Draft primer (and some Kawhi talk)


Bulls Talk Podcast: 2018 NBA Draft primer (and some Kawhi talk)

On this edition of the Bulls Talk Podcast, Mark Strotman and Scott Phillips get you set for the 2018 NBA Draft. They put together their own mock draft, analyzing each of the first seven picks, analyze a handful of options the Bulls should look at at No. 22, and answer questions from Twitter. They also discuss the Kawhi Leonard trade rumors and whether the Bulls could put together a package that would entice San Antonio.