The Big Three are back in tact and have become quite the threat after Dwyane Wade took the court for the Miami Heat Friday vs. the Knicks. Wade had missed six consecutive games with an ankle injury but that didn't slow him down as he managed at 28-point performance in the Heat's 99-89 win over the Knicks. He also shot 11-for-19 from the field with five steals, four assists and two blocks. The Heat forced 19 turnovers and held New York to 36 percent shooting and 18 points in the fourth quarter.

Wade returned just in time for the Sunday's rematch against the Bulls but the Heat didn't seem too affected by Wade's absence. They were 8-1 in that time span and this could be 'bad news Bears' (well, Bulls) for Chicago.

Chris Bosh scored 13 points Friday and LeBron James finished with eight rebounds and seven assists. Bosh averaged 28.8 points in his last four games before Friday's contest and James made six straight free-throws and finished with 32 points vs. the Pistons Wednesday.

Wade scored a total 67 points in two regular-season games vs. the Bulls last season and 94 in five playoff appearances. James totaled 55 regular-season points and 129 points in the playoffs. Bosh only had a total of 24 regular-season points but came out with 116 playoff points vs. the Bulls.

Yea, I'd be a little nervous. Even though the Bulls once again hold quite the impressive record (17-4) Miami isn't far behind (14-5) and it didn't stop them from taking charge last season.


What do you think? Are you worried about Sunday's matchup vs. the Heat? What are your predictions?