Will Perdue projects opening night Bulls starting lineup

The Jimmy Butler era is over for the Bulls and there are a lot of new faces on the Bulls roster this season, but what will the team look like on the floor?

Former Bulls center Will Perdue took a crack at what starting five coach Fred Hoiberg may send out for the opening game at the Raptors on Oct. 19. Watch the video above to see Perdue explain each of his starting five picks.

Point guard: Kris Dunn

Perdue: "He was an important piece of that big trade on draft night. I love his aggressive nature, but he's got to learn to play a little more defense with his feet, not so much with his hands so he can stay out of foul trouble."

Shooting guard: Justin Holiday

Perdue: "This is a little bit of a question on the two-spot, but I'm going to go with Holiday. The reason why is because he's a much better defender than Denzel Valentine and one thing you have to worry about is what's going on with DeMar DeRozan in game one.

Small forward: Paul Zipser

Perdue: "Has he worked on his game to the point where he can prove that he can hit that midrange jump shot off the dribble and can he attack the basket and finish over and through defenders?"

Power forward: Nikolic Mirotic

Perdue: "He put on 23 pounds of muscle, according to Niko. He said he got tired of getting beat up last year. So because of these younger guys I think Niko feels like his best ability to play is at the four spot so he's going to get that opportunity early."

Center: Robin Lopez

Perdue: "Right now the only guarantee is this guy, according to Fred Hoiberg, Robin Lopez."